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Anyone Like Salmon?


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That must be a catch and release dealy eh? What's the story on the size and quantity is it a migratory route or something. I always think of salmon in rivers not open water. Any problems with eating 'em either? I guess it was the farm raised salmon they sent up flags about recently. If you can't eat tuna out of a can we're all fucked.

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The Sierra Club put out a Citizen's Guide to Seafood that helps make environmentally conscious choices at the supermarket (or in the boat as the case may be).

Essentially alot of the fish available readily and cheaply is a danger zone. There are some that are farmed sustainably though...we tried Tilapia the other day and I quite liked it.

Keep in mind one thing with this guide: It says nothing of the nutritional value of fish so consider the balance between danger of mercury toxicity and undoubted benefits of Omega-3s

Citizen's Guide to Seafood

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i dont keep my fish from Lake Ontario often, but if they are under 10 pounds (which seems to be tough to find, as they are all so big), its a young enough year class to be a-ok to eat.

Skirney, i called you a coupla days ago to head out.

We were going to go this morning, but it was too windy.


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I remember putting up a post asking what people looked like but i didnt get any replies by the time I left for the show, there was probably a bunch of people there I could have met off the board for the first time as well, I believe I met a bunch on new years (ie. Greg) but it was extremly hazy, I'm certain I didn't get to meet you though, some other day i suppose. Canada Day Frontier perhaps, who knows though.

Cheers until then.

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