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Mission: Bacon


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Because of Palace Princess' odd fixation with pork products, we stocked our car with binoculars, hard hats, maps of the casino, blue prints, disguises, ski masks, sharpies and a camera - yes, all the necessities to stalk Kevin Bacon with.

Palace arrived at my house late due to troubles with her home made iron-on Bacon head shot t-shirt. With another iron-on in hand, we frantically made MY bacon head shot t-shirt, packed a snack, strapped our sneakers on and jumped in the car to start MissionBacon (later to be called Mission-elFucked-O).

On the way down we smoked copious amounts of wheelchair weed which lead to us missing the 400 cut off and going 20 minutes out of our way. We turned around, de-stressed by smoking another bowl, almost missed the cut-off again, but somehow forced a couple cars out of the way and got on the right route. Unfortunately, stoned as we were, we missed the next cut off - taking us off route AGAIN... grrrrrr. It was raining, we were annoyed and the Wendy's we ate on the way down was forming tiny gremlins in our stomachs. So we smoked another bowl.

We finally made it to the casino with only 15 minutes to spare. This meant no time to stalk Kevin... BOOO! On our way into the theater i made a quick stop at the bar to slam down a shot of tequila - THERE... i was ready to endure 2 hours of bacon.

As we were sitting proudly in our giant head shot bacon t-shirts, we looked around at a FULLY packed theater. Astonished, and giggling that there could be THIS many bacon brothers fans, Palace turns to me and says, "I hope he does Footloose!"

And out comes Kevin Bacon - in his white pants (how 80's of him).

The best way to describe the music would be melted cheese on perfectly toasted bread. Every corny note played perfectly without fault. Kevin and his brother sang songs about being a man and eating Chinese take out. Michael played the cello for a couple tunes... which he did very well. Kevin also showed off his diversity by putting down his guitar and playing the conga drums and the harmonica for a couple tunes. Yes, 2 hours of twang which I feared may bung me up for a good couple of days.

Near the end of the show, despite all the warnings and angry looks on the security guards faces, Palace and I decided to get out of our seats and bum rush the stage. Kevin looked down at us, turned to the bassist and said,

"Check out the shirt with my face on it!!!"

And then it happened... they broke out into FOOTLOOSE! Crazed, screaming women came flying down to the stage .... Arms in the air, yelling "Kevy!! I love you! oooh kevy!" Kevin did a little dance and Palace melted into a little puddle of gush on the floor.

And thus ended our mission... content with Kevin noticing our shirts, we headed out of the theater and back to our car. Smoked a bowl and headed home.


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ahhh, 'twas a pork filled day in rama town....

and a smashing, smashing success it was! yes, mission el-fucked-o was certainly a mission to get there (i don't care how many navigators you have in the car, enough of that wheelchair weed will still make highway signs disappear), but got there we did.

as you may or may not remember (see EEEEEEEK!!!!! thread for info, haha), the original plan was to either meet kevin bacon, or at the very least, get physically removed from casino rama in our attempt. well, we as good as met him (we actually made kevin bacon genuinely LAUGH heartily when he saw our shirts -- as did the other members of the band, so SCORE!!!!) AND, oh sigh oh sigh oh sigh into puddles of gushy wow, i had DEFINITE and MULTIPLE moments of DIRECT EYE CONTACT with kevy when i was up front! for real! oh wow.

and hahahahahaha, there actually was a crazy lady that ended up getting physically removed from casino rama! she meandered up to the stage near the beginning of their set and started demanding they play footloose and dance. kevin and michael handled it very well, assuring her "oh, there will be dancing all right" -- she persisted in interrupting the show, and eventually ended up getting thrown out. hahaha, go crazy lady!

but one thing i have to mention is that kevin bacon fricken rocks. he seems really down to earth and has a great sense of humour -- the fact they played footloose at all is just the icing on the cake. after crazy lady's interruptions, when kevy assured us all there would be dancing he said something to the effect of:

"oh, and about footloose... yes, we make a point to play the songs from ALL the movies i've been in. so stick around because that means we're going to do about 50 songs or so. classic tracks such as footloose, apollo 13..." hahahah.

and mir, what a perfect description of the music! it was very radio friendly and not really my cup of tea, but i can honestly say there were moments of each and every song i actually did enjoy. kevin and michael both have very lovely voices, and the whole band is pretty solid. the cello bits were absolutely beautiful, and in addition to the guitar, congas and harmonica, kevin also strapped on a big hand drum and shimmied around the stage.

and the dancing, WOW! do you have any idea how exciting it is to see kevin bacon doing footloose moves live, loud and upclose?! i'm still reeling in wonderfulness over it all. he really is a great dancer, hasn't lost a bit since the ancient days of the 80's.

and knowing full well we'd be beggin' for tha moves, after doing a slow song, he announced to the audience

"the dancing part of the show will be coming up shortly, we have a few more songs to bum you out with, and then it's going to be a non-stop bacon party!"

hahahaha, so funny, a great dancer.... hell, he's kevin freakin' bacon. *sighhhhhhhh* :D

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had me worried there for a moment... thought it said missing bacon.

whew! the bacon has been found! gotta have the fatty pork. ...the other day, while cleaning out my fridge, i had a blt with two kinds of bacon... mmmmm.... (my roommates left some things behind. no, i dont usually stock my fridge with a variety of bacon, but.... well the seed has been planted).

glad you ladies had a good time.

dont worry misspink, i jumped from the wagon too :) i left my will power in the pockets of my sissypants, which i gave to goodwill.

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Oh, you two are PRICELESS!! That's some of the funniest shit I've heard in a while.......I think I even like Kevin Bacon now.

Way to go you two - you certainly made his night - always a great thing to bring a smile to people's faces - you made me smile and that famous Bacon guy too - kudos!!

PP - you really do like pork products don't you :o

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