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Unintended (Sadies/Elevator/Blue Rodeo) this week!


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I haven't really heard anyone talk about this yet, but the excellent band THE UNINTENDED are playing shows this weekend, starting tonight, that y'all should attend.

This is a pretty special band, with Rick White of Elevator/Eric's Trip, all of The Sadies and Greg Keelor of Blue Rodeo all playing together in a very psychedelic way. While the record is very dreamy, live it is more like the Allman Brothers or early seventies Dead, with Keelor playing drums on a number of songs ALONG with Mike Belitsky. They also have some great covers they're doing in their set by Love and Donavan (no Sadies, Elevator or Blue Rodeo songs though). Check the articles on them in today's Toronto Sun Toronto's NOW, Hamilton Spectator and Hamilton's VIEW.

Here are the dates again. Don't miss this, they are gonna smoke!

May 6 Peterborough, ON @ Blue Room

May 7 Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern

May 8 Hamilton, ON @ The Underground

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saw the show in wakefield a few weeks back and it was great. someone's gotta give rick white some meat and potatos though... he's skinnier now than he was back in the eric's trip days.... my guess is 100 pounds soaking wet. and he's like 6 foot 2...


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I'll be at the gig in Hamilton on Saturday. I might even see UNINTENDED on Friday after the YES concert, it just depends on how I feel.

I saw Greg perform with The Sadies a couple of years ago at the Horseshoe. That night they did the classic country rock concept album LEE HAZELWOOD's 'Trouble'. It was a fun night.

I'm glad that this little side project has decided to do some gigs. One of those one off gigs that we probably won't see again.

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I didn't notice it was in the Blue Room -- good news for sure! As we all know the downstairs of the Trash isn't the greatest. QQC if you're coming in, give us a ring at 745-5358. I think Caroline's coming too. DownTown just got in from Hamilton. woohooo!

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good show - too bad i missed the acoustic first set.

admittedly the crowd was not too enthusiastic, but i think everyone was digging it =--- it's too bad they played a mellow song, dazed the crowd off and then snuck off stage. bunch a stoners didn't realise the show was over til the gear was packed. ::

ah well.

liked the tunes with two drummers, and when buddy played the ace tone whatever the heck kind of keys that was. i wouldn't compare them to the allmans at all. more mellowed sound with quiet, often unintelligible lyrics.

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what'd you think tim b?

the show in ptbo was interesting. sorta reminded me of a spacey alt-country-ish yo la tengo at times. then again i said that to this one girl and she became angry with me. and violent! i was digging this show though, nice music to space out to.

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This was the fourth time I have seen members of the Sadies perform on stage in one incarnation or another this year. First with Dallas Good performing with The Jayhawks at the Phoenix, then Travis Good and Dallas with Blue Rodeo & Friends at the Danforth, next The Sadies at the Underground and now The Unintended again at the Underground to close out thier eight date mini tour.

When I heard that The Sadies started a band with Greg Keelor the co leader of one of my all time favorite Canadian bands Blue Rodeo, and Rick White of Eric's Trip, I hoped that the record they recorded would result in a tour. And when it was announced I knew it would be a great night, and it was.

The show much like the album sounded, very different than anything Greg Keelor, The Sadies and Rick White had ever done before. The sound of The Unintended is very psychedelic with some alt-country feel.

The show started off with a mini set of solo and duo material with the last two songs of the set with the whole band. This was a nice set to fill in time as the album is only eleven songs long and on record isn't even forty minutes of material.

The second set was the entire album with some classic covers put here and there through out the set. During much of the night it was fun to see Greg Keelor behind the drum kit. Now I know that all you Blue Rodeo fans out there have seen Greg play drums during the Blue Rodeo ballad 'Falling Down Blue'. But this gig Greg was really playing the drums along with Sadies drummer Mike Belitsky. Through out the night you could see Greg smiling watching Mike, waiting to put in some pretty nice drum fills.

Here's the set (to the best of my ability, if anyone knows the songs I'm not sure about let me know on this post or end me a private message):

Set I: (Starts 11:38pm) 1. Leaves That Are Green (Rick White performs this Simon & Garfunkel song taken from 'Sounds Of Silence'[1966] solo. Rick says that after seeing the Simon & Garfunkel reunion tour last year it made him feel like performing this song)

2. Behind The Garage (Rick performs the opening track from Eric's Trip album 'Love Tara'[1993] album solo again)

3. Besides Myself (final number performed solo by Rick. I don't know where this song comes from and if this is even the correct title)

4. Nashville Skyline Rag (Nice surprise. This Bob Dylan instrumental tune found on 'Nashville Skyline'[1969] was performed by Greg Keelor and Travis Good on acoustic guitars)

5. Redwood Hills (second of three tunes by Greg and Travis also do not know where this song originates. Travis on lead vocals)

6. Intrumental (final tune by Greg and Travis and second intrumental. It sounded familiar to me but I could not figure where it comes from)

7. Are You Ready For The Country? (Now I'm really happy I came out. The Neil Young track from the classic 'Harvest'[1972]. To those who know me, know my all time favorite artists are Neil Young and Bob Dylan. Now over the years people ask me what would I want at every concert and my reply has always been a Neil Young or Bob Dylan cover. Now I've had many covers of both by artists over the years, but I've never had two covers by both in one night by one group. Let alone two covers that I had never seen performed before. Whole band performs with Greg was on lead vocal for the song)

8. Another Love Song (Whole band with Rick on lead vocal with Greg. Do not know the song) (ends: 12:03am total 25m)

Set II: (Start 12:15am) 9 The Collapse (Whole band performs for the rest of the way through. The majority of the songs are performed in album track listing order, starting with this track which opens their debut. Unless noted the rest of the song are on 'The Unintended'[2003] Rick sings lead vocal with Dallas backing vocal. Greg on drums)

10. Stay Calm (Dallas lead with Greg and Rick backing. Greg on Martin)

11. The Light (Rick vocal. Greg on Telecaster)

12. Catch The Wind (Donovan song. Title track off his 1965 debut album. Gred lead vocal and on tele)

13. Angel (Rick vocal. Greg on tele)

14. Bells Of War (Rick vocal with the Goods backing. Greg on drums)

15. A Quiet Getaway (Rick vocal. Greg on tele)

16. Controller Aware (Rick and Travis vocal. Greg tele)

17. Message To Pretty (Great track from Love's 1966 debut album. Greg on lead vocal and tele)

18. The Truth (Rick and Dallas vocals with Travis. Greg on tele)

19. No Curse Of Time (Rick on vocal. Greg on tele)

20. So Long Goodbye (Rick false starts this number, Rick and Dallas on vocal. Greg on drums)

21. Beautiful Things (Rick on vocals. Greg on tele)

22. The Way I Feel (Another song form another debut record. This time it's on Gordon Lightfoot's 'Lightfoot'. Rick vocal. All the material performed during the main set is on a debut album whether it be from the Unintended or someone else. It makes me wonder if it was intentially though out or just a coincedence. Greg on tele) (end of set two minute break)

Encore: 23. Tired Of Pretending (Dallas said they have recorded this song but I don't know if it's on a Sadies record on not? Travis lead vocals, with Dallas. Greg on drums)

24. Oak Ridges (Second song in encore I do not know where they originates from. Rick on vocal. Greg on drums)

25. Passed Away (A new previously unreleased song by The Unintended. Greg on tele) (show ends 1:18am total 1h33m)

A great night that I might not ever be able to see again, though I hope that's not the case.

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The setlist I have for the second set at the Horseshoe show matches yours almost perfectly. Greg was behind the kit for most of the encores I believe. A bit of a messy night on my end. I kept having brain flashes of what to describe it as and of course had to share this with Jim Cuddy (who was chilling in the crowd with Don Kerr) such as 'Blue Rodeo: Live at Pompei' or 'Flying Burrito Messenger Service' (Greg liked the latter and not the former as I recall). At points it reminded me of that swampy Widespread Panic sound with some of the vocals sounding a bit Bellish. I could see where people love their panic on the right drugs...

The Collapse

Stay Calm


Catch The Wind


Bells of War

Quiet Getaway

Controller Aware

Message To Pretty

The Truth

No Curse of Time

So Long Goodbye

Beautiful Things

The Way I Feel

E: Another Love Song

Tired of Pretending

Oak Ridges

Past Away

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Ah yes I couldn't count how many times I have witnessed members of Blue Rodeo in attendance at the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. It's nice to see that they've never forgotten their roots.

I didn't think about Widespread Panic when I saw the show last night, but that's an interesting comparison. I personally like Widespread Panic and I'm never on any drugs, let alone the right ones.

I figured that every show The Unintended did would be the same or very similar, that's why I didn't end up going to the Horseshoe after the Yes concert on Friday night.

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