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ROLLCALL TO Green Party PARTY w/Wassabi Collective

Jay Funk Dawg

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[color:"green"] FRIDAY JUNE 25, 2004 katescoolmusic presents [color:"green"] THE GREEN PARTY PARTY @ THE EL MOCAMBO

Celebrate the fresh emergence of a new political voice in our nation at this unique benefit, showcasing a uniquely Canadian fusion of the modern and the tribal. Shake the rafters with some of the nation's finest percussive and innovative talent... meet and greet your local Greens, and get down with the beats folks, the jam kids and the yoga babes.


[color:"green"] WASSABI COLLECTIVE - Nelson, BC

Evolve, Shambhala, OMFestival

Percussive Galactic Jamming

Wild, tribal and infectious, Wassabi's resonant three-part harmonies blur boundaries between world beat and electronic, creating sweeping textures and lifting melodies. Wassabi blends together many styles of music throughout their sets, creating evenings of stomach-dropping highs and deep groovin' lows that keep the dance floors packed. Theater for the ears.

[color:"green"] INTERGALACTIC FAERIE FUNK - San Diego

Live PA/Funk Jamming

OMFestival, Shambhala, Evolve, Motion Notion

One part deep house funk, one part grass-roots improv and one part multi-dimensional experimental thinking, this band provides a sensationally enriching escape from real life. An evolving project of Canadian expat marc hug, Intergalactic Faerie Funk injects tribalism, chilled-out excellence, grooving limb-shakers, mind-traveling experimentations and the finest of house optimism into every single track for a dance odyssey that seems to refresh and enhance itself with each successive listen.

[color:"green"]TELEFUNK SOUND SYSTEM - Toronto

Live PA Jamming

OMFestival, Sumkidz

Blurts of noise, anti-grooves and minimal melodies fused with drum & bass and sexy beats, Telefunk exaggerates the possibilities of Live PA jamming to countless and dissimilar ends.

YOGA BY [color:"green"] SAHA

40 minutes of transcendental relaxation at the evening's outset. For the earlybird.

unique environment | information booth |local candidates |art installation | yoga workshop |

[color:"green"]THE EL MOCAMBO

474 Spadina Ave.

Toronto . Ontario . Canada

8 PM - 5 AM



$15 advance | Tickets available @ Soundscapes, 2TheBeat, FlavourHall, Shanti Baba, and PlayDeRecord |

Portion of proceeds go to [color:"green"]The Green Party of Canada

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New Wassabi Collective line-up is comprised of:


Melissa Meretsky - percussion, vocals and synths

Jimmy Lewis - drums and vocals

Scott Milne - bass

Brent ‘Gisto' Hongisto - midi guitar & vocals

Adrian Wagner - keyboards, mbira, and vocals

Jimmy Lewis is one of the best live breaks and drum and bass drummers out there... he is from London and was a big part of sound of the band YACQUI MYSTIC... Scott and Melissa are the only two members of Wassabi circa '03'-'04. Guitarist Gisto was added as a second guitarist right after their EVOLVE show last year.

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From an email I got:

Hey Wassabi lovers. Nelsonfromnelson here, giving you the latest update from Planet Wassabi.

The crew left Nelson yesterday to head east for the OM FESTIVAL. This begins our "central tour" ,and we encourage everyone to check the site (wassabi.net) for show updates and changes. Some cool bands will be playing with Wassabi at select dates; on Monday June 21st in Ottawa East Coasters "SERVO" (servo.ca) open the night, and on the 25th at the El Mocambo (Toronto) the funk goes all night at a Green Party Party. Om Festival favourites INTERGALACTIC FAIRY FUNK and TELEPHUNK, as well as DJ's open for Wassabi at this legendary venue, which may stay open 'till 5am (!!!) to keep the funk alive......

Be sure to see the lovely and talented Nikki (a.k.a. Merch Girl) with her display at each show. Nikki will be selling our dope-lookin' t-shirts and hats for happy boys and girls, as well as the last few copies of our "Blue" CD - now a definate "limited edition" type thing, as Wassabi has started recording their new studio album.........

Also for sale at the Hamilton show onwards, live discs of the show at the end of the second set! Our friend and soundman Evan joins the party in Hamilton, and we hope to start archiving each show for sale from our website in the near future..........

On the West Coast, be on the lookout for Wassabi Collective in your neck of the woods the third week of July. In Vernon and Alberta, watch for dates third week of August. Finally, for all you diehard EAST COAST Wassabi fans, good news. Just as school gets boring and the leaves start to fall, Wassabi will come to rock you out of your boredom!

That's the news, children. Come show some love from La Belle Provance westwards! See you on the open road.................


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If anyone is passing through Mississauga on the way to the show, you're more than welcome to stop by for a beer... (Truth be told, I don't have a ride either, so I do have some alterior motives, but the invitation stands regardless)... Get ahold of me for directions, if you want to stop by...

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I urge potential Green Party supporters to read their platform carefully. They are not as liberal as you might think and in fact have a closer resemblance to the Conservatives than any other party...with the exception of a somewhat airy and mishmash environmental platform. Read the article posted in this thread for some good insight:


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One of the best nights at the El Mocambo yet...

about 400 people jammed their way into the el mocambo. It was hot, but not too hot as the audience tripped out to the tunes, checked out the Green Information tables, and handmnade jewelery. Gotta say it.. some of you guys missed a wicked show. Intergalactic Faerie Funk were awesome.


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