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My BIG Coventry thank you!


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Well, I finally arrived back in Switzerland at 11pm last night, after about 20 hours of transit time. I've been mulling over the events of the weekend in my head and what they mean to me.

I won't get into it now, but I REALLY want to thank all the great people who made the weekend memorable for me (and helped me to survive it too!) I'm going to forget people in making a list, but here goes:

Jaybone and Erin, Freeker, Velvet and his crew, Stapes, Bo(o)uche and Lynn, Gentle Monkey and Kaila, Paul, Graeme, BradM, and all the non-skanks who I partied with as well.

I'm sure I forgot someone, I just can't think of who now!

It was so great to hang out with folks I haven't seen in ages (or met for the first time!).

I won't comment on the shows themselves because I'm not sure how to react yet.

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You were sexy man..........

As we were leaving, I was telling Blane how Lynn called in sick, and asking him when he worked next.

"Oh yeah, I still have to call in sick."

There must have been some kind of record set. Calling in sick to Switzerland, when you are in Vermont.

hahahahahahaha, I love it!

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I guess that's chris? I actually felt so bad about the umbrella when I realized I forgot it again after you guys went through all the trouble of bringing it back! Actually, it's pissing rain in Geneva today and I had to walk to work with no umbrella, so there's karma kicking me in the ass....

Bob, sorry I forgot to mention ya! No worries about the ride. I knew that it would be tough for anyone parked in the lot to get out, so that's why I bailed with Todd. Great seeing you again though. I'll be back in January and will definately look you up.

Take care!

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sh!t! More forgotten souls from my list. Pete and tasha, you guys kicked ass as usual! So wicked hanging with ya on first night. Pete, thanks again for the shirt. I'll wear it with pride.

Got an email from Oliver tonight. I'll reply tomorrow and say hi for ya.

I actually had to email in sick from pearson airport. Blamed it on the hurricane actually. Said I got stuck in VT. Ah, what's one more little lie added to the mountain of lies that have lended themselves to my life...

See ya sooN everyone!

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