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Evolve Festival - it's getting crazy here.....

Jay Funk Dawg

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Hey Y'all

Jaydawg here in Antigonish, letting all you know that the excitement for this weekend's Evovle is culminating this weekend. I'm here at Evolve HQ, there 40 volunteers here painting signs, building stuff, we have people here from Vancouver, Mexico, New York, Transylvania.... We're cranking the Slip's "Live at Lupo's" onsite, things are shaping up to be the best year yet. Too boot there are a number of documentary film-makers who are going to be filming the excitement. CBC Radio, Much Music's Going Coastal, and much more will be there interviewing the artists, and audience, taping performances etc....

we got this climate change bus showing up tommorrow...


Many of artists are already onsite helping out with preparations. The weather network says we're in for the best weather of the summer. I think it's going to be a wicked weekend!! If you have the weekend off.. please come down!

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