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If you got caught....


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So it was late Sunday afternoon at Moe.down, and I was thinking to myself...."what a fantasitc weekend...wonderful music, beautiful people...NO hassles or TROUBLES"

2 hours later walking back to the campsite....I see someone in our cooler. Straining my eyes to see if it was someone we knew....GASP.....theives!!

About 7 or 8 beers gone...and some smug kids drinking our beer one tent over!!

They see the pissed off looks on our faces...after a few minutes...one saunders over, head down ... " sorry man we took some of your beers, we were thirsty. We can give you something for it?"

GREAT (I think at the time) - the guy gave us $1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I can be a fairly generous person...but I was pissed! I just wish they would have asked before they stole!!!

What would you have done?

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that stinks Sunshine.....I hate the look in peoples eyes when you catch them doing something sh!tty....that look makes me feel vomitous....that look actually makes me wish I hadn't caught them.

This Howler would have either Howled or possibly just stood there wanting to vomit.

Someone posted earlier about throwing a lock on yer tent at festivals....so simple though I never even thought of it...me...ms.prevention.....great idea...future-tent locked

They ought to have at least appoogized for real.....and if they were broke at the time promised to make it up later....hey mabey they will still make it up later and you can have a laugh about it then. If they're good folk they must feel embarressed and sh!tty.....what do I know though? :)

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Good folk don't steal beer from strangers, good folk steal beer from friends.

"Sorry man we took some of your beers. We were thirsty."

Oh really? Well I'm sorry you're a stealing prick, get the fu©k away from here, and if you wanna give me something for it then buy beers off someone and give them to me. Now get back to your fu©king stolen tent you little piece of sh!t and leave good people alone. You're a credit to your country. fu©king Americans.

I'd throw in the fu©king Americans just to give them a bit of pride so we might be able to fight more.

However, if I was more on the ball, I woulda just looked shocked and said "oh wow man, one of those wasn't excactly a beer" and then started laughing hysterically.

Or I mighta just levelled a drunken eye at him and said "don't worry, we'll square up before the weekend's over. G'night."

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thats why you always leave a piss bottle on top.....

buy 1 beer in a brown bottle with the non-twist off cap that is a different brand then all your other beer.....(make it premium ).....

empty the bottle.....

piss in the bottle , and hammer the cap back on.....

if your beer gets stolen, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing the theif drank your piss.

leave it two, or three beers down...

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festival campin is like moving into a new neighbourhood, good to make sure you meet all the neighbours

if you meet a neighbour who's from sketchbag township and full of only themselves ya know you gotta lock up after yourself and keep an eye

if you sit and drink a beer with the neighbours, then stealing from you isn't a random thing

will miss Phish for the music but the current lot scene has to go, and good flickin riddance to those who show up only score for themselves... the rotten core of the american way (clearly visible in global situations these days)

if I have 2 beers left and you tell me a cool story or at least touch upon me somehow, one of the beers is yours... take my last on the sneak my mind will always wish you unwell

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many have shared with me... memories, thoughts, friendly goods, inspirations... are loved and my mind wishes them wellness always... I dream of re-payments

anyone with half a mind would rather walk the world loved than bragging on what they've scored and supposedly gotten away with (and helped to make the world a little more bitter and distrustful)

that all said, if I have 2 cases of beer left on sunday night, help yourself! :D


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