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D'you know who I wanna punch right in the head?


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It's that fu©king whatsisname, Ben Mulroney? Jesus fu©k, he has that same pompous, "I'm slick as sh!t," smug, arrogant smirk as his old man. I don't even have the sound on to hear what this buffoon is saying, and I wanna punch him.

What did the Canadian public do to deserve having this a$$hole inflicted upon them? :: Do people actually like this guy? ::

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Oh, yeah - Judge Judy needs a beat-down, too.

Ben had better not be seen singing "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" with any of Ronnie's kids... bleeeaachhh.

Ms. Hux, your boss has incredibly poor taste. It's fine to be attrracted to powerful women, but why not attractive powerful women? Margaret Thatcher looks like a battleship. Actually, she and Judge Judy kinda look similar, don't they?


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I went and saw nero at The Bayou on Nov. 22, 2001. I didn't even know there was an opening band, but it was a local outfit called "Dr. Huxtable". They started, and I admit to being somewhat "taken" (read: in instant lust with) the female singer of the band (arcane may attest to the attention I doted on her). I think I remember the Hux set more than the nero set, especially because Ms. H dropped a copy of it on me a few weeks later at Cafe Dekcuf, along with an unexpected hug; the list that is My Favourite People expanded by at least one that night.



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