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anyone wanna buy my guitars?


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I'm thinking of quitting guitar altogether. Although I never had a goal to reach a certain skill level, I just digitally watched some shite that made me question humanly possible abilities...

If you watch into 18:00 minutes of this, you'll see why I'm about to ebay my guitars.

blew my mind

for the folks that don't catch my point, there is a guitar player doing some stuff I've never seen before.

I sometimes wonder if I've not seen enough great players, or if there are just crazy amazing prodigies popping up here and there.

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so you're considering giving up an instrument because you can't do what this dude did??

mike...are you ok? you can play guitar and sing at the same time. who cares if you're a conventional player. I'm not quitting bass just cause i can't double thumb like wooten or know all my modes and scales everywhere on the neck...if i weren't on dialup i'd see the video...

guess the viewing's a prerequesite but come on...do you enjoy making music?

i think it's just a case of wisdom getting passed down and people realizing their abilities. you do loads of other things. you don't have time to sit at home and play for 8 hours a day.

i'm sure people would buy your guitars if they knew what you have. why not post it up...send a link over here.

i won't be bidding but there are loads of players around here.

too bad you're having a dilemma dude. i've gone through similar issues in the past little while.

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[color:"purple"] sorry that i forgot to use purple

It was just my way of saying that there was some crazy assed guitar lickin' going on in that vid.

I would love to watch that stuff live.

I continued on and watched some Garaj Mahal. Now, I loved listening to them, so seeign them on vid was really intense. I need to see that live too.

That GrooveTV is goign to get raped by my harddrive.

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Ms. Hux...be careful...i'm sensitive. and you're right. i need to chill out. it's so hard when i'm wound tight like a top and ready to burst...i feel for Jared...(not literally though...only figuratively.)

but check out the glissentar. if you like to play wstringed instruments it's an awesome axe to sit down and play at a music store. if you can find one play it. especially with delays, filters, and mod...(it's a plugged in instrument...if you're trying it out what's the harm in trying out a couple of effects with it right?...just don't eat ALL of your mushrooms before heading into the store)

have a blast...i need to go rock out. ciao.

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Garaj is doing three shows in BC this week. Thursday in Vancouver, followed by two shows in Whistler at the boot. Might be some of the last shows we see there as I've heard they are ripping down the Shoestring and Boot to put up some fancy ass hotels or lodging. Gonna be killer though, 3 night run of Garaj...woooohoooooo...


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Hey CB, yeh I second the motion on the glissentar. They had one at L&M on Bloor in Toronto for quite a while in the acoustic department upstairs - not sure if it's still there. Anyway I played around with one for a bit and it was indeed great fun! I think it would be one of those instruments where if you knew a bit of guitar or another stringed instrument you could do some cool stuff immediately, but you could spend a lifetime mastering. But I could see how it could fit into all sorts of music.

Price was a bit steep thou, around $1200 if I remember right?

- M.

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Mike, Centre Stage Music in Kingston is a Godin dealer and they carry the Glissentar. If there is a Steve's in Ottawa, they should have one too. But who needs Steve's when you can have a Lauzon?

I'll take that 12-string Rickenbacker that you never play off your hands.

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HAHA. i bet you could easily talk a dealer down to $800 on a glissentar...'nobody's gonna buy THAT - look at it. only a wierdo would buy one of those things...and i'm a wierdo with some money in my pocket...want some CASH??

it'd likely work.

of course $1200 is steep but it's a finely crafted instrument. I played those godin acoustic electrics and they're great. as easy to play as an electric but sound and feel acoustic (not totally acoustic but they resonate nicely and sound AWESOME through an amp...awesome jazz tones with chorus)

i hope people check out different instruments...if you like wierd string instruments, check out the warr guitar

Warr Guitar

I think it could be the next step for BQ's Olivier.

...or not(the stick is mighty thick)

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