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Pablo Sanchez

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Who needs a Hamer when you can have G&L?

I love my G&L guitars but I don't think anyone should impose on themselves or their husbands/wives/boyfriends/girlfriends any limits whatsoever on how many guitars they can have :)

I have six guitars and counting, but only one G&L... unfortunately... and... unfortunately no gigs... and no prospects.

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Hey Pablo,

I have a Taylor 510, G&L ASAT Classic, a late 60's electric semi-hollow body Ovation, an Ibanez RG 550, a Dean Resonator, a Yamaha acoustic and a re-built Hagstrom bass ( very cheap and beat-up, but then so is my plaing ability ).

If you ever need a guitar lesson, just let me know.

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wow I have to many guitars..

I have an 84 jap strat, 52 reissue tele, lap steel, jazz bass, stingray bass, soem no name acoustic, a yamaha acoustic, fender deluxe amp, and a yorkville bass amp.

ok.. I've been there, just didn;t know which store you worked at. I actualy bought an epiphone 335 there.

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Good ol PRS guitars...Stores that carry them will have promotional DVD's (for the seriously interested) that are really cool. They take you through the whole manufacturing process and quality controls....fascinating! (If you are a gear head)

The pick up system in some of those models is amazing....each string has it's own channel...

like butta.

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Nice inlays... naughty.gif

I'll say!!! That's gorgeous!

The first time I encountered a PRS was in '93 - David Grissom (who was subbing for an incarcerated Dickey Betts) played one with the Allman Brothers Band, and it was such an ugly shade of green (think split pea soup) that it was therefore beautiful.

What other guitarists usually use Paul Reed Smith guitars? Doesn't Carlos Santana usually play one?

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