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Hiway Freeker Thursday night at Dekcuf!!!!!


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Little last minute everybody, but we've got a cooker for Thursday at Dekcuf!!!

Hiway Freeker will be jammin', with an opener that is still being kinda worked out....but could be very interesting, but could not be interesting, but just may be on the interesting side of things. Amen.

Hiway Freeker

w) ??

Thurs. Jan. 23

Cafe Dekcuf

Can you pass the Freeker test??

(pssst....hey...Barrett - pinchy pinchy??)

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Had the pleasure of seeing...and partying into the wee hours with... Hiway Freeker this past Saturday at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto.

Great show - - - incredible folks. One of the best bunch of people I have met in a while. Good times were had by all.

The show on Sat. was filmed by some friends of theirs from NYC who are apparently making a DVD of them.

Check them out in Ottawa if you get the chance this week!!!

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.....minor update here....the anticipated and highly secretive potential opener unfortunately didn't work out this time, but will definitely be gracing the Dekcuf stage at some point in the near future.....(stay tuned!)

So...instead, Sharon and I will be doing some acoustic tunes to warm up the crowd before Freeker takes the stage, should be fun!

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I miss all of you guys like crazy! It looks like I'll finally be able to sneak out of my cage, shed my chains and make it to a show!

I'm bringing some peeps, you know them as Kurisuta (who says hello and wishes she could get on the Scank more) and Dana! We'll be the loud, boisterous ladies harrassing the Huxies! I'm predicting that tomorrow is going to be a very unproductive day at work for me!

See y'all real soon!

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Originally posted by Ms.Huxtable:

Now Fifi's pillows have a chance to dry out. Can't wait to have you back in town Sunshine.

Dry out from what, exactly? (I'm thinking of a song by Chinga Chavin [on the "Country Porn" album] whose title may not be appropriate for a discussion such as this...)



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Thanks for a great time, everyone. It was cool to meet Kitara for the first time, and awesome to get to see a Highway Freeker set to the end [Wink] (I had to throw in the towel due to tiredness the last time they played here)


Rob Not Bob

NP : Phish - Big Cypress, 12/21/99


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