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Caution Jam Xmas Roll Call and request line


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moscow drug house!

IICR Feff played that a few years ago at Grossman's for an encore...good call!

Even though I have to work can you ask Les to play Shelly Sugar if you guys are bustin out originals. I always loved that song...wonder where that Adam Scott character is at? He would second that request

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well, it being Christmas and all...how about

Money Money (Finance Blues)

Lyrics: John Barlow

Music: Bob Weir

Recorded for "Mars Hotel" but only ever played live a few times before it was dropped. It was originally called "Finance Blues" - and that remains the title in Barlow's lyric collection. But it was retitled "Money Money" on the album.

My baby gives me the finance blues

Tax me to the limit of my revenues

Here she come finger popping clickety click

She says "furs or diamonds, you can take your pick"


She wants money

(what she wants)

She wants money

(what she wants)

She wants money

(what she wants)

She wants money

(what she wants)

Money, money, money, money, money

Money, money, money, money, money

She says "Money, honey", I'd rob a bank

I just load my gun and mosey down to the bank

Knocking off my neighbourhood savings and loan

To keep my sweet chiquita in eau de Cologne


Mama, don't send me down to rob that bank again

I got a notion you're leading me to sin

Won't you relax, won't you lay way back

Don't you bug your honey about no Cadillac

It's only bucks, you don't need no jack

So won't you please relax and lay way back

My baby's loving gives me such a thrill

It gives me inspiration making counterfeit bills

Now some folks say the best things in life are free

I sure don't get no loving living honestly


Lord made a lady out of Adam's rib

Next thing you know you got women's lib

Lovely to look upon, heaven to touch

It's a real shame they got to cost so much


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I promise that I will show up this time Mark.

I heard that you played a song for me last time, but I was trying to talk down Prost, who thought that he was Jesus!!

Once again I would love to here West L.A., Loose Lucy and Cold, Rain and Snow!

yah we played all your tunes Adam...

I could try cold rain and snow again...and play one original from our acoustic album... you ever hear "We Move On" ?? Check it out..i think your roomie has the cd..

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