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Jay Funk Dawg

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Saturday, Jan 13th, 2007

The Jimmy Swift Band


Horseshoe Tavern


Toronto, ON


with special guests:


kNeptune Live PA / Organic Techno




Mojive Sun Alternative / Psychedelic / Classic Rock







Based in Halifax, NS, JSB consists of Craig Mercer (guitar, vocals, and effects), Aaron Collier (keyboards and effects), Mike MacDougall (bass), and Nick Wombolt (drums). The group's third studio album Weight of the World (Below Me Music 2006), distributed nationally by Outside Music, sees the band push their sound in a more rock based direction. A video for the album's first single, "Turnaround" will be released in early December.

Half of JSB's repertoire consists of organic instrumental material, while the other half displays mature songwriting, powerful vocals, and memorable melodies within the framework of concise arrangements. With influences that range from Daft Punk to Guns N Roses, they meld a vast array of sonic stylings together to create a truly original sound.

For the past six years, JSB has been forging a unique path in the Canadian music scene. During this time their energetic and improvisational live show has helped them develop a cult-like following. They play an average of 150 shows per year in clubs and at festivals across North America, including the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, the Evolve Festival, and the Shoreline Festival in Canada and moe.down and the Haymaker Festival in the US.

For more information on each date, please visit: ]www.thejimmyswiftband.com



The Jimmy Swift Band released the first video from their new album Weight of the World to the public this week. The animated video is the result of collaboration with Halifax's Copernicus Studios (Nelly Furtado, Universal Soul, Spesh K) who specialize in what they call 2.5D animation, combining classic animation techniques with modern 3D computer graphics.

The video can now be requested on Much Music and previewed through the following link: www.belowmemusic.com/turnaround

The video chronicles the journey of the band, portrayed as puppets, from simple minstrels to revolutionaries, as they try to survive in the newly industrialized world of the execubots, giant corporate machines who've taken control of the land.

Video Producer Bradley Cayford had this to say about the videos production:

"It's hard to believe how much a song can represent so many things to so many people. In the case of The Jimmy Swift Band video, "Turnaround", every statement, every lyric and every chord struck so much meaning that it was almost as if the colours came right from the song. The colours and seasons reflect the mood of the song and the paint comes alive to bring true organic music to the forefront once again in an age similar to that of the industrial revolution and depression of the early 1930's.

Imagination and creative instinct runs wild when the art is celebrated and not formulaic. Truly it feels as though it is time to turn around and show the world who we all are."

"...I really hope that everyone in the world gets a chance to see this video and listen to the song because I think there's a message there that can really inspire a lot of people."

The video's release comes hot on the heels of this years East Coast Music Awards Nominees announcement, in which Weight of the World has been given the nod for Rock Recording of the Year. This would be the bands second ECMA, having won the Alternative Artist of the Year award for their Debut album, Now They Will Know We Were Here in 2002.

The new album is currently available in stores nation wide and will soon be offered in digital format through Apple's iTunes music store. The video can now be requested on Much Music and previewed through the following link:


For more on The Jimmy Swift Band, visit



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- Pressure is on down here getting ready to hit the road. We'll out for 1 month so we need to have our ducks in a row. Can't wait to see all of you again in Ontario - really happy to travel to western Canada - it's been one and a half years!

Here's the up to date list of tourdates:

Jan 11 - The Red Dog - Peterborough, ON

Jan 12 - The Salt Lounge - London, ON

Jan 13 - The Horseshoe Tavern - Toronto, ON

Jan 16 - The Foundation - Barrie, ON

Jan 17 - Fiddler's Green - Cambridge, ON

Jan 18 - Pepper Jack's - Hamilton, ON

Jan 19 - Vinyl - Guelph, ON

Jan 20 - Maverick's - Ottawa, ON

Jan 26 - Steamer's - Victoria, BC

Jan 27 - The Fairview - Vancouver, BC

Jan 30/31 - The Rose & Crown - Banff, AB

Feb 1 - The Canmore Hotel - Canmore, AB

Feb 2 - Vern's - Calgary, AB

Feb 3 - The Sidetrack Cafe - Edmonton, AB

Feb 8 - The Canmore Hotel - Canmore, AB

Feb 9 - The Central - Fernie, BC

Feb 10 - The Vat - Red Deer, AB


Thanks kids - we will have our new CD for sale on tour and also new shirts and hoodies!!! Don't forget to check out our video if you haven't yet and please request it!!


Aaron & JSB

http://www.belowmemusic.com/turnaround NEW VID!!



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Oh man, the VAT in Red Deer was a ton of fun last time we were there. They made us drink 'Chartreuse'.... some kind of crazy green stuff. Drink it. There weren't too many people there but man were we smashed! Have a good run!

"Green Chartreuse (110 proof or 55%, and from which the name of the color is derived), a naturally green liqueur flavored with extracts from 130 plants. Its coloring comes from chlorophyll."


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Jared, I see you online at 3am-4am all the time, so I don't think that because the show started late was a factor. C'mon admit it, you're just lazy. lol You missed a real good show, and too boot wow was there some beautiful ladies out !! hot damn!!

Willy, so good to see you in Hamilton, was great vibes there were at PJC.. and wow it was guitars galore! I counted 5 guitar players on stage durring the monster jam! what fun!! See you soon!!

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