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You Favourite Show


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1. Deadwood - because of the language and the production values.

2. The Office - because of the drama/comedy balance, verite style a la Trailer Park Boys, and Dwight Schute - possibly the best character on TV.

3. Curb Your Enthusiasm - because Larry David doesn't care.

4. A-Channel Morning (London) - because of the brilliantly produced newscasts.

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I don't know if you are talking current shows-in which case I don't have a clue-I havent watched tv in about a year or two( no real reason for that).

If not and its a more alltime favorite thing then this would be my list;

1.Will O' the Wisp- not sure if it played in Canada,but it did in England when I was a kid.Basically idea would be if Ralph Bakshi( Fritz the Cat/Wizards) made a kids show(he didnt make this one)but with actual humour-the best part was the evil television walking around the forest.

2.The Young Ones- same deal-British show ,not sure it was played here,I was totally not supposed to watch it when I was a kid,an anarchist,hippie, punk and mod boy in a flat.Best quote I remember..

"I am so fucking bored I might aswell be listening to Genesis"

3.Millenium-the very short lived show made by the same guy that made XFiles, but way smarter and more religious conspiracy etc.Loved it.

4.Northern Exposure kind of goes without saying as well as Twin Peaks.

Fuck I'm old.

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Phish 11/17/97 Set I - released as Live Phish 11. because the soundboard mix is perfect and the funk-jams/no solos really make for an interesting conversation between the players. the Tweezer and the Ghost are as simultaneously dynamic and groovy as anything I heard them do. I think this show has the best jams from the best jammers at the top of their game. Also, retrospectively, the show represents the era of 'jam' that seems to have spread the most influence.

Listening to the Ghost right now. I don't think rock-based improvisation can get better than that.

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phish... 11.6.97 Auburn hills...

coming off the high of playing our first out of town bnb show the day before, we caught this on the way back to t bay. maybe it was the microdots and the frozen whopper juniours.... but... wow. second set melted my mind.

with phish at THE GORGE earlier that year being a very close second. young, on tour, on drugs, and discovering incredible live music for the first time. life changing.

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Tough question. I think I'll go with Primus 1996-02-10 at the Horden Pavillion in Sydney, Austrailia. I was 18, on good acid, and in a foreign country. It was the Tales from the Punchbowl tour and Australian heroes Spiderbait opened the show. Primus opened with To Defy the Laws of Tradition and closed with Jerry the Racecar Driver. AIC's Jerry Cantrell appeared near the end of the show to play the solo on Harold of the Rocks. Bliss.

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Without thinking hard about it, Pete Townshend at Massey Hall, Saturday July 10, 1993.

It was the first concert kick-starting Townshend's Psychoderelict tour. The show was over three hours long and even the rock theatrical mid section of the show held my interest. I still can't believe I was so close to one of rock's greats in one of the best venues in the country. Given Townshend's star was still shining fairly brightly commercially only added to the vibe (although that album eventually ended up ruining his solo career - he's never done another studio solo album). This show was a number of years after The Who's 'FINAL' 25th anniversary tour in 1989.


Cobwebs And Strange, Face The Face, Eyesight To The Blind, Misunderstood, Corrina, Heart To Hang Onto, A Quick One While He's Away, English Boy, Meher Baba M3, Let's Get Pretentious, Meher Baba M4, Early Morning Dreams, I Want That Thing, Outlive The Dinosaur, Meher Baba M4, Flame (Demo), Now And Then, I Am Afraid, Electronic Wizardry, Don't Try To Make Me Real, Predictable, Flame, Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi), Fake It, Now And Then (Reprise), Baba O Riley (Demo), English Boy (Reprise), Let My Love Open The Door, A Little Is Enough, Behind Blue Eyes, Keep Me Turning, I Am An Animal, You Better You Bet, Rough Boys, Pinball Wizard, Magic Bus

Lineup included (notice the bassist):

Pete Townshend Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Guitar

John Bundrick Keyboards

Andy Fairweather Low Backing Vocal, Guitar

Peter Hope-Evans Harmonica

Pino Palladino Bass

Phil Palmer Guitar

Simon Philips Drums

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Townshend makes it to the top for me because the memory still resonates over the years. My #1 show from the last 5 years is MMJ at The Opera House in 2004 with The Soundtrack Of Our Lives kicking my ass at the same venue from 2003 being a close second. Screw you cock-juggler.

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Ah - shows! Here I was about to go on about all those years I wasted watching TV. Thank you for clearing that up; there's no point revisiting all that. That much squandered life is plenty.

So anyway, I don't know if it was necessarily the best show I've ever seen, but it stands out in my mind at this given moment.

Grateful Dead - Le Zenith, Paris - 27-10-90

One of two nights that we caught during our protracted honeymoon. The venue seated just a couple thousand, under a big tent, and it not only had that kind of immediacy (general admission), but was a killer show to boot. We had the best time before and after the show walking around the illuminated trellises and other oddments the venue had to offer. We ended up walking across the entire city to get back to our hotel, in the rain, since the subway had stopped running by the time we got moving. A series of unusual events ensued, which I wouldn't trouble anyone with right now.



Hell In A Bucket


Minglewood Blues


Black-Throated Wind

Ramble On Rose

When I Paint My Masterpiece

Bird Song

Promised Land


China Cat Sunflower-> I Know You Rider

Saint Of Circumstance

Crazy Fingers

Playin' In The Band->

Jam-> Drums-> Space

Stella Blue

Throwing Stones

Not Fade Away

E: One More Saturday Night

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are you fugging kidding me - sick fuggidy sick

You know probably what the problem is on Stillepost and not here that I confused. Dancers v. Non-Dancers.

Stillepost is in all likelihood populated by influential music programmers, industry guys, famous musicians, and fags (not gay or rather gay as fuck but not homosexual). They're sort of worried I'm going to tell the truth instead of Truthy Facting.

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Grateful Dead - Ann Arbor, Michigan (U of Michigan Campus) April 6 1989

Not necessarily for the setlist, although it was awesome, but for ... EVERYTHING.

Touch Of Gray, Little Red Rooster, Brown Eyed Women, Mama Tried-> Mexicali Blues, Althea, When I Paint My Masterpiece, Bird Song, Promised Land Scarlet Begonias-> Fire On The Mountain-> Scarlet Begonias, Playin' In The Band-> Built To Last-> Drums-> Jam-> I Will Take You Home-> The Other One-> Wharf Rat-> Around & Around-> Playin' In The Band, E: Brokedown Palace

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we're Heads I meant Shows.


dont even have to think twice (or barely at all, even): The Slip, Ice Cream Truck - 08.07.04

did a 3 night run to see the dead at darien (where i met up with numerodos and his crew), then onto Pomfret, CT for the slip by my lonesome.. had to sell a camera along the way to border to make the trip happen, it was just timing, and since this is a thread about THE show, i wont go into all the magic and wonderfulness of the first couple nights at darien...

getting to Tyrone Farm in pomfret on the saturday, i missed basically all of the other bands on the bill, except for the last half of Caveman (i think thats what they were called), but really i was only there to see one band anyways. super small festival (maybe 200 people?) on this family run organic farm, and they were cooking all these great meals, pulled pork, grilled vegetables, all kinds of stuff... and yes... there was an ice cream truck on site.

first thing i did after parking the van was follow the smell of burning pig so i could get some sweet ass pulled pork.. walking across the lawn in front of the stage i heard someone call my name out, which to me was kinda weird considering how far i was from anyone i thought i knew, and i didnt know of anyone else coming... it was the young sisters, and to their credit, i can only recall meeting them even once or twice before that, so it was a trip for me that they remembered me... speaking of trips, they introduced me to a fellow some of you may know named bennyd, and in turn he introduced me to this strange brown fungus he had been growing. the next 7 hours or so became one of the best nights of my life, and i certainly saw the best show of my life.

the band was incredible that night, so locked in to each other - im sure a lot of people have heard that show, and its largely agreed upon in the slip community that the ice cream truck was the fucking shit.... i could make a case that it was a "turning point" show for them, given what's come since, but i wont... i feel lucky that i was there... the stuff that went on in my head and body while the show happened i could never explain with as much fervour or intensity to do it justice. but....

the eube opener was a sweet pitch to the crowd... an old school favourite, for a small, seemingly mostly old-schoolish crowd... i remember the opening to mudslide... brad scratching on the guitar strings, marc with the deep bass roll... stretching it out... then the big bass drop in, and the crowd, at once, simultaneously just hitting the deck and gettin' down HARD.. it was on... that pocket of *my landlord* ;) > fear of falling > soft machine was just jaw dropping.... best soft machine ever, by a landslide. going down there at that time, soft machine was THE song for me, and it was gonna be the trip breaker if i didnt hear it, y'know - talking to brad afterwards i remember he told me that was an audible marc called on the spot, it wasnt slated to be played - the middle section was done to a T, and it basically became the theme that is now First Panda In Space.. i was as up front first row until that point, and after that i got my moneys worth and went back and stood basically in front of where the recording mics were, my thinking was that, in the future if i was to hear it again, i wanted to remember it the same way... i picked a great spot to stand, the sound was great, and i really do remember things exactly the same way when i listen to that show.

i didnt mention the set of west african music brad and andrew did with boubacar giabate before the band took the stage, but i should, because not only was it a sweet 45 minute warm-up, and a neat way to see the brothers play, but boubacar came out during the jam from spice groove > the shouters and sang some nice lines before the shouters took off... and there are some serious heavy moments in that shouters... i can recall a near out of body experience at the smashing of one of the build-ups... it was a 3 hour long show, from sunset till about midnight, and they encored with a 20 minute dec. kids > with or without you, with guest vocals by sara azriel.. her singing, and the outra of dec. kids that became wowoy and that whole 10 minutes of transition, drone out, and close, was one of the most beautiful ways to end the show.

facing the stage, if you looked right, the lawn kind adropped off down a slope, but you could see all the entire sky covered with stars and this cool crescent moon out there... my mind was in a state of total fuckery when it was over, and all i could do was walk out to the slope, and down about 20 feet or so, and i just stood there, in shin high weeds getting bug bitten like crazy, just staring at the stars and the moon, trying to process all that just went down... i was literally blown to pieces... after a while i walked back and listened to andrew play some dylan songs on the acoustic at the end of the stage, then i went back to the van to get my shit together.

a few hours later kinda hangin' out in the barn, i see brad walk in with a guitar, andrew, boubacar... and a 4th guy with another djembe... the 4 of them set up and did another set of west african inspired music, around 3:30 - 4am or so, with brad on bass, boubacar on acoustic, andrew and the other dude on djembe's.. there was also a really messed up chick who was singing strange verses back to boubacar.. i dont think either of them understood a word the other was saying, but it was fun to watch... i did a headcount in the room and there was 28 people. the guy holding up the other side of the pole i was leaning on says to me "hey, isnt that guy from that band earlier"? i asked where he was from, and he said he just lived about 10 minutes away and came with a friend.. he nearly shit himself when i told him where i came from to see "that guy" play.

yeah, that was an incredible time. ice cream truck is it.

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