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Go! Festival


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Go Festival Homepage.

It's a festival put on by the Beat Goes On that will take place in Kitchener/Waterloo.

what the thunder said has made it into the festival and will play a headlining slot @ the Fox and Fiddle on the closing night.

Sets by Superstack, Tiiu Millistver (feat Deeps, Brooks and the GoodRev), The Speakeasies (Good Rock with a heady underbelly)

Anywho, thought I'd pass the info along.


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What time will you guys be playing 'till, Deeps? I have a reception to go to that night, but we might be able to pop in between the reception and the after party??? Wait... maybe we should HOST the after party!!! Have 2 worlds collide!!

I think it is a 45 minute set starting @ 12:00 which would have us on until uhhhh not so good with math uhhhh 7am?

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I'm sort of surprised more people aren't talking about this. Tomorrow there's a handful of bills in Kitchener that are awesome especially if you had a pass and floated around.

I've said in print before that Ghetto Pony are one of the best hybrid (live/electronic) going today period and The Droops are bar none (I'm including Run With The Kittens) the most promising live act in Ontario. Insanely good for their age and not considering their tender age- they are in fact still insanely good.

Starlight - Saturday March 10 - Tickets on sale at The Beat Goes ON

Ghetto Pony

9pm By fusing laptop performance with a live band, Ghetto Pony delivers a manufactured chaos of heavy artillery masked in bouquets of roses.


Jade McNeils


Apostle Of Hustle

12am “Lush, poetic and beautifully disorienting, Broken Social Scene guitar guru Andrew Whiteman’s long awaited solo spin is like smoking hash and eating mangoes on a beach in Xanadu... where bossa meets Buckley and Ribot rolls dice with beat poets.†– Now Magazine

“To miss out on Folkloric Feel would be to miss out on some of the most extraordinary sounds of the year.†– Pop Matters


Jane Bond - Saturday March 10

Dirt Farmer

9pm Dirt Farmer primarily consists of Scott and Rob who have wrote and recorded songs with Producer Wayne Lorenze for 6 of the band's 7 albums. Influences include Elliott Smith, The Pixies, Magnetic Fields, LCD Soundsystem and Weezer.


Ruth Minnikin

10:30pm “Ruth Minnikin has a voice that would harmonize happily with the McGarrigle sisters and writes songs of stark but simple emotion that are evocative of Natalie Merchant or Gillian Welch at their respective best.†Maverick Magazine, UK


Run With The Kittens

12am Quite possibly the hardest working original rock and roll band in Toronto, Run With The Kittens have played almost three hundred shows in their four year career. Their weekly Tuesday night residency at the historic Cameron House has become a must see event, promising a fresh, entertaining night of great music, week after week. The stories of them rolling into towns througout Ontario in their big black bus are becoming more commonplace. Winning new fans with each gig is a testament to the contageous energy of the band.


The Huether Hotel - Saturday March 10

The Music Box

10pm What is now known as The Music Box began about a year ago in a small 5x8 room with a piano and an acoustic guitar. Though original members Dylan Bravener and Tyler Stoddart jammed before, they never quite knew how good their vibes were until they started working on some songs to record in a studio in their high school. They realized they needed to start a band so they searched and searched for a jam hall then after a few months an opening came up so they proceeded to move in. After months of trying to find members Dylan and Tyler decided to work on their own for a while. They spent the summer of 2006 in the jam hall collaborating and writing songs, learning how to play new instruments and demoing on a thirty year old four-track. It was time to make a real demo. The duo hooked up with a recording engineer from Guelph and recorded a four song demo at McLeod studios in Aberfoyle Ontario playing all instruments but one. Once finished, the demo sparked the attention of The Music Box’s acquaintance Sasha Chornyy who then moved into the jam hall and joined the band mainly playing guitar. After playing several acoustic sets, the band has been focusing on perfecting their live electric set with the aid of local musicians. With the beginning of a new year and a demo nearly under their belt, The Music Box is prepared for anything that the future holds.…


The Machines

11pm The Machines are a rock and roll trio with a combined age of 82 and a total weight of 420 pounds, making them one massive senior citizen that you best not fool with, Jack. The three Machines all reside in different cities but they rehearse in Kitchener, Ontario, which they guess makes that their hometown.


Saigon Hookers

12am Loud. Lewd. Gritty and overdriven. Such are the essentials of any bona fide rock 'n' roll band from AC/DC all the way through to the Supersuckers, Turbonegro or Hellacopters. Uniting the disparate worlds of guttural attack with lush, unforgettable melody and supersonic guitar solos, the brash, primal essence of rock 'n' roll is unavoidable.


The Fox & Fiddle - Saturday March 10


9pm Intransit excels at bringing honest, intelligent music back to the mainstream. The band began as a recording project and grew into a four-member, multi-piece band that shares a common love for uncommonly epic music. After spending time writing and mastering their live performance, Intransit entered the studio to release their first EP [morning watch] produced by Tyler de Witt at Skylight Studios in Toronto in early 2005.


The Jolly Llamas

10pm Inna Heavy Reggae Style. The Jolly Llamas play heavy reggae. They reach deep into the Jamaican music catelogue and appropriate a whole lotta '70s reggae and dub and lesser amounts of ska and rocksteady. They channel that through shitty Canadian factory town rock and roll and tube amplifiers.


The Droops

11pm If youre looking for a fresh, funky sound then look down in the south of Ontario, where things be Droopin. The Droops are K-Ws premier new-wave funk band, turning ordinary concerts into parties. When the Droops play, everyone has more fun than they could between the sheets, and some people even make that comparison. Based in the delta of the Kitchener-Waterloo music scene, the Droops have established themselves as one of the leading bands in the Tri-Cities area.


What The Thunder Said

12am "...the band has instinctively fallen into a musical style that encompasses heavy progressive rock elements, moody art-rock tangents, percussive pieces with latin and deep funk feels, anthemic FM rock singalongs, and everything in between... an eclectic sound, indeed." View Magazine


The Duke Of Wellington - Saturday March 10

Lucas Stagg

10pm Since leaving the world of “rock band mayhem†in 2002 and strapping his tobacco burst J-45 to his back, Lucas Stagg has developed into an engaging performer and admirably capable singer/songsmith.


Kyle Lawler

10pm For the past three years Kyle Lawler as been working hard to bring a party everywhere he goes. This began with the last stretch of his former rock band, Lucid, which gained popularity throughout southern Ontario. This exposure came with the help of the infamous Dante Morra. This was due, in part, to the buzz created by Toronto’s hottest and coolest “industry personnel†of the time, such as Sara Lutz, Mike Fox, and Jody Mitchell, that Dante would lure to his shows with the promise of endless booze.

Todd Donald

11pm Todd Donald may very well be one of K–W’s brightest hopes. Born and raised in B.C., Todd moved to Hamilton as a youngster, and then to Kitchener in 2000. Luckily, (for the rest of us), with that move came a devastating teen–heartbreak and Todd, (like every rock ’n’ roll soul who’s ever gotten their cage rattled by a lover), decided it was time to pick up a guitar and write that woman clear out of his heart.


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that was fun. $10 for a whole evening of music. thanks to all for posting all the info which prompted us to check it all out.

arrived around 10 and caught the music box at the huether from the balcony while munching on wings. was loud and rockin'. then tried to pop over to the fox and fiddle to check out the droops, but the line up persuaded us to bail and head over to jane bond to catch ruth minnikin. much more subdued, coffee house vibe. ran into luke and he told me that ruth had been in the guthries. she was good, and as much as I missed seeing the funk of the droops, this was a really nice alternative. we stuck around for run with kittens at jane bond. and wow, they were a lot of fun. really energetic engaging band. the younger crowd was really into it.

major hats off to beat goes on for putting on this mini-fest!

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Yeah it was great. Definitely the Standout of the whole festival was the young Jade McNelis who I was not particularly suprised to hear after that her debut has both Brad and Andrew Barr on it, produced by Drew Malamud and Chris Seligman and very much suckled at the Broken Social bosom.

The Droops killed as did WTTS, so did the Kittens especially compared to other recent shows, Ruth is amazing don't get me going, Ghetto Pony played well as well- I actually just missed Apostle of Hustle altogether but got to chat with Whitey for a bit after so that was cool.

Going to Charlemagne and 2 Hours Traffic tonight and couldn't be more pumped!

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