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Me Got Solo Gig, Swan on the Rideau, Mar. 10


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The Swan's a nice old Tudor-style pub 10 minutes south of Manotick on River Rd. (2730, at RR6/Snake Island Rd.), with great food and beer; they have solo musicians in Saturdays, and I'll be holding forth from 6:30 till close (! - I hope I know that many songs). Come on down; drunken hecklers and sing-a-longers especially welcome :) (makes me nostalgic for my open-mic).

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:) . Thanks, everybody. I had a lot of fun. Jonyak lent me his Line6 looper, bless his heart, as mine has a wonky switch, and I was able to get into all sorts of interesting spaces in the second, non-dinner (read, non-Blue Hair Group) set. I've been on the tail end of a brutal cold, too, so my throat is completely fucked right now, but I suppose that's why the good Lord invented whiskey, to help one through such moments. Now the bill's in, and I'll be paying for all that caterwauling for a few days, I figure :P .

They want me back, so hopefully some folks will be able to make it out with something besides booze under their wings to enjoy the offerings. I think they'll even trust me enough now to bring some Hackish cohorts up to join in the fun too :) .

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:) - and bless Wikipedia for all its trivia... viz.,

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