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APRIL 7th - The Jimmy Swift Band @ Opera House

Jay Funk Dawg

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www.nufunk.ca presents

Saturday, April 7th

The Jimmy Swift Band



w/ Special guests



The Dunes


DJ ?uesquecest

$12 Advance


Soundscapes- 572 College, 416-537-1620

2 The Beat- 161 Spadina Ave – (416) 598-8120

Play De Record- 357A Yonge Street - (416) 586-0380

Rotate This- 620 Queen St. W – (416) 504-8447

Shanti Baba- 546 Queen St. W - (416) 504-5034

Sonic Temple- 5165 Yonge St - (416) 835-0035

Advance tickets: www.nufunk.ca


The Jimmy Swift Band have been forging their own path in Canadian Music for the past seven years. During this time their energetic and improvisational live show has helped the band develop a cult like following throughout Canada and the U.S.

They have performed 200 + shows a year for the past three years, selling out venues and packing dance floors across North America.

The JSB sound is so original that critics and fans have come up with a new genre to define it - Rocktronica. Coming out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, JSB consists of Craig Mercer on guitar, vocals, and effects,Aaron Collier on keyboards and effects, Mike MacDougall on bass, and Nick Wombolt on drums.

Each member brings their own strengths to a powerful sound which is greater than the sum of its parts. Their influences range from Daft Punk to Pink Floyd to Guns and Roses, and they meld aspects of these sounds together to create their original Rocktronica.

JSB are currently touring in support of their third studio album, Weight Of The World. For more check out:


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i kid, i kid.

but really, i hate that venue.

Agreed... it's one of the worst venues in Toronto. The entire door system where they shake you down like a bunch of criminals always sets the stage for a night of horrible venue-related experiences. I feel bad for bands who play there since the audience experience is tainted from the get-go.

Also, why do they always have to pack that place to the point where you can't move (nor see a damned thing)? I never have that problem at Lee's (although it's worse now that they changed the bar setup because there's no "breathing room" behind the water station anymore).

And another thing... why can't I get no TANG 'round here?

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I think it's a great room! The Burt Neilson band was proof to me that this room can hold nice friendly events. I do think that they are harsher on some crowds than others, I will advise the security staff that the crowd is friendly, so they should be too.

Here are a few points I should make:

Any venue that can hold 800 people is going to have problems with people bringing in alcohol, weponds, drugs to sell etc... that is for the security of the patrons as well as the club. I've been through enough serches at Molson Ampitheatre, Phoenix, Guverment that I am not offended by the searches.

Secondly it is a crime punishable to the venue if the cops bust someone smoking herb in the show, upto $10,000 ... plus the person who gets caught can also get fined.. this is obviously why they are strict... you can't smoke a cigarette indoors, why then should you be able to smoke herb?

Solution.. hide your weed somewhere they won't find it, don't bring too much; a couple of pre-rolls, then go smoke outside! Voila!

On another note, it was mistakenly listed in the Now magazine that this show was on April 13th, if you have any friends who may be confused, please drop them an email.

see ya at the shows!!

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Onymacris unguicularis is the name of a little beetle that lives in the rainless wilderness of the Namib Desert, close to the southwestern coast of Africa. This flightless beetle spends most of its time underground in the sand dunes, where temperatures remain fairly constant. But when thirsty, it emerges from its little burrow and looks about. There is no water anywhere; rain comes only once in several years. The little fellow is not discouraged, but climbs to the crest of a sand dune, faces the breeze, and waits. Gradually fog condenses on its body. It just so happens that this beetle is born with several grooves on its face. Some of the water trickles down the grooves into the beetle's mouth. Happily, the little fellow goes searching for dry food and then returns to its burrow for a nap.

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