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BLACK SABBATH in London Sat night


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It is not sold out.

Reserved seats in front of the stage are sold out.

Side stage reserved and GA floors are still available from JLC site. I wonder if they even sold upper level seats?

I think the floor was sold out at one time but more tichets must have been released.

I almost bought some last night but then I saw the setlist and that put me back on the fence.

They are only playing sabbath songs from the dio years (basically Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules songs). I was really into them at the time but am not sure I want to pay $140 for two tix with sc. In the 80's they used to play ozzy songs with dio, not sure why they don't now. I looked at some old setlists and would prefer that.

GA floor would be sweet though.

Stage set is supposed to look like a big castle, surprise surprise :)

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It's Vinny Appice on drums actually. I was thinking Bill too.

Incredible show tonight. So fucking heavy!! Every one of them at the top of his game. Did I mention how heavy they played?

Megadeth were good but it's really Mustaine solo at this point. Down were not so good.

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wow, I didn't realize "Down" was back together....I thought Phil Anselmo quit playing music after Dimebag was killed.

man, I can't believe I didn't go to this concert.

I used to be a huge Megadeth fan too, although I don't know that I'd be as into them now that it's just Mustaine, did he fire everyone else?

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Yaahhhh! That show last night was frickin' wicked! Had a great time.

I'm eating metal for breakfast.

Hahaa! Yeah! I loved it! Dio is awesome...such a small person but with an amazing presence. Tony Iommi was great too. I loved being able to see them so close. Stage decor was super heavy metal too...gates to heaven or hell.

I can't headbang much anymore though sadly...my neck becomes sore quickly now. I probably damaged it in my youth.

Civic Centre rocks...reminds me of my first concerts back in the 80s and early 90s. Only thing is that beer isn't allowed in seats or floor anymore. Boo. But hey, that's why Ollie is at work today! haha.

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