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Playoff pool?

Guest Low Roller

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If the teams are kept secret once everyone has submitted their squads then count me out. That's just fucking stupid. How are we supposed to know which players to cheer for and who to jeer against?

This is a HUGE reason we get entertainment out of the pool!!!!!!!

Fucking 'never-played-a-sport-in-your-life-newbies'. The lot of ya. TissueMan is the only smart one in here.

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Guest Low Roller

Easy. Easy. Before everyone drops out, this is just the discussion thread. There will an official rules thread coming soon enough once the rules and scoring system have been argued, re-argued, insulted, abandonned, and argued again.

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Guest Low Roller



- Low Roller

- Booche

- Rubberdinghy

- Freak By Night (Bochenski clause)

- AD

- Dave-O

- Badams

- MattyC

- Kanada Kev

- Hal Johnson

- Plomox

- Blane

- Jakis

- Ollie? (Takes part in dialogue, but yet to say 'in')


- LXQ42

- Tissue Man

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