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Plain Popsicle??


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Ok I was just talking to my brother, and I guess he has to get his bowels check out or something so he is taking some pills and water and stuff that will "Flush" him out for his appointment tommorow and he isntto eat solid food, or colored liquids, but it does say he allowed to eat Plain Popsicles, and I have no idea what a Plain Popsicle is? Anyone know the only thing I could think of is it must be Ice?

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I think plain popsicle means anything that has no chunks of fruit or anything in it and is not cream based. So your grape popsicles would be okay, but not a creamsicle or a fudgesicle or those del monte strawberry pops.

Grape, orange, red (yes, red's a goddamn flavour) etc. are all okay.

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