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College Hoops!!!


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I'm not dissing them, I'm merely picking them to win the college hoops tournament. Now all of you have to pay up! I PICKED THE WINNER!!!

I need you to post pics of said girl. Davey Boy requires these as well.

Was sad to see Carleton lose though.

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Del Curry's kid was amazing in both games this weekend. I actually picked them to knock out Geogetown leaving me in first place in my pool! Exciting weekend of ball! I liked seeing Duke go down early. I picked UCLA to win it all but the Tar Heels are looking good and have me worried.

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Couldn't hit free-throws when the pressure is on along with poor shot selections down the stretch and into overtime did Memphis State in.

I've always disliked Bobby Packer because of his distain for the Orangemen, but I've really grown to hate his constant self-rightous blathering throughout this tournament.

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