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Canada Day weekend Come Together Fest

mark tonin

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Lots of tasty acoustic music is lined up for the Canada Day weekend at Frontier Town:

The Undesirables

The Acousticats (Fat Cats acoustic)

Alfie Smith

The Stand Up Guys


Duane Rutter

Mark Wilson solo

Hokum Runners

Dexter and People

Cindy Doire

The Overplayers


Heart Broken Souls

Doug Feaver

Beaver Jockies

Brian MacMillan

Snack! (Acoustic)

More info at http://www.cometogethermusicfest.ca/

Peace, Mark

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Is there a schedule up for this yet?

Maybe I'll check the website... it's "always" up-to-date...

even a broken watch is right twice a day :P

OK, that's freakin' hilarious! :) :)

I just emailed Mark Wilson re: a schedule fo the weekend and hopefully I'll hear back soon. And according to Gatch, Stumbleweed is not playing during the Canada Day weekend festival, as a couple of guys in the band have another gig. Still some great acoustic acts at the fest though ... I wish I could make it!

Peace, Mark

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Friday June 27:

9:00 pm - to be announced

midnight - Dexter and People (in the saloon)

Saturday June 28:

1:30 pm - Beaver Jockies

2:00 pm - Brian McMillan

3:00 pm - The Stand Up Guys

4:15 pm - Doug Feaver

5:30 pm - The Overplayers

6:45 pm - The Undesirables

8:00 pm - Alfie Smith

9:15 pm - Tara Lightfoot

10:00 pm - The Acousticats (Fat Cats acoustic)

midnight - to be announced (in the saloon)

Sunday June 29:

2:00 pm - Diana Sound

3:00 pm - Cindy Doire

4:00 pm - Snack! (Acoustic)

5:30 pm - Heart Broken Souls

7:00 pm - Hokum Runners

8:15 pm - Jamie Oakes

9:30 pm - Wayside Ramblers

11:00 pm - Espanola (in the saloon)

late night all star jam in the saloon

Mark Wilson will also be hosting an open stage in the Saloon on Saturday and Sunday in the late afternoon.

More info at http://www.cometogethermusicfest.ca/

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Incredible music and a lame turn out!

Espanola rolled in around 9, caught the tail end of a wicked janis-esq blues band whom i believe to be called Cindy Doire(?). Wayside Ramblers played an awesome bluegrass set, unfortunately these were the only two other acts we caught, but were damn fine and would be well recieved at the labour day fest. i"m sure the entire weekend was filled with great tunes.

Pleasure playing to the 12 people in the saloon last night!

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Evans and I made a brief appearance on Saturday night to catch the Fat Cats followed by the Steve Murphy Band.

The intimate setting was strange, but provided a good chance to see these bands with their guards down a little. Which was a treat for me.

Fireside jam with Sheebs and her bro was also a very nice addition to a strange and great weekend.

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I was there for a couple of late Sat. afternoon sets. Was able to catch the Stand Up Guys. They were fantastic. Made my afternoon sitting out in the sun in such an initmate setting listening to great tunes with my son and friends. He was really enjoying himself. Ended off the afternoon with Doug Feaver...a nice way to end off an afternoon.

Wished that I could have been around for the remainder of the night/weekend, but I opted for moving on and headed north with Rowen for the rest of the long weekend. Great seeing all of the folks (albeit few in numbers) that I did see.

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It was a nice day Sunday and we had a nice time...I'm not sure that every band played, and I didn't get all the names but I had a really great time sitting on the front porch of the saloon and listening to them...it is indeed too bad that it was under-attended cause Mark is trying something really great with these events...

May The Blessing Be,

Gawpo Giggles :D:D:D

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