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NBA Finals


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Well, this proves it. Where are all the fans now? The Fairweather Fucks. The lot of you.

I dont really like pro basketball but I seem to be the only one watching or actually paying attention? Fuck you, you Toronto fucks. And dont give me this "The Raptors arent in the Finals" bullshit. No one has said shit.

How about that Pistons management team? Way to go Joe Dumars!

What about that Tim Donaghy shit? Hell Basher, I would figure you alone would have brought it up because of his last name alone.


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Go Celtics... Lesley and I were too busy talking about it for me to bring it up on here, but here goes...

Kobe is a bitch... a whining bitch... he's alos the most proficient basketball player since Pistol Pete Maravich, but I still hate him. I love Garnett's intensity, Allen's attitude and Pierce, Paul fucking Pierce is the MAN after this game last night...


Goodbye Phil Jackson... coach most likely to be handed a championship team, fail in his duties and be heralded as a genius. I'm tired of the Yankees and ManU as well but this is a basketball thread.

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They got some free agents to deal with, Pierce has surgery on the schedule, and Ray Allen will be another year older. It is possible, as Detroit has plenty of issues as well, that the Celtics will be back in the Finals. Lakers are just as likely to get there again too, if Bynum can return to his pre-injury performance levels.

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I think the Celtics have a shot because they want to be legends and they can taste it. I also think they're head and shoulders above next years pistons (sadly) because I'm sure they'll have a different lineup next season. Pierce is a soldier, he got stabbed in the eye. Allen is badass, Cassell is old, PJ is old.

Lakers have shot for sure to my regret.

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