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Free Outdoor Movie on Saturday


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I have arranged to have an outdoor viewing of The 11th Hour on Saturday night at dusk (about 8:50) in the parking lot at Lyon Street and Slater Street.

Bring a chair.

Weather permitting.

Popcorn and beverages available by donation. Proceeds will go to the David Suzuki Foundation.

Please come out and help me make this a success. My success is based on turn out and not donation amounts.

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I know you think I've been a "meanie" butsnot true!!!!

we'll do our best to get out and support this endeavour.....esp. if "beverages" might p'haps include Sangria?

(I've been thinking about you & Mike recently...have you guys hit your 1-year anni yet?)

miss ya lots babe...we WILL reconnect soon!

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