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Coldplay Controversy?


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to say coldplay suck is to be fairly ignorant on a sonic level. "rush of blood to the head" was a fantastic cd - x&y, not so much. viva is a quite solid musical effort, and i have enjoyed many aspects of it. martin is a great vocalist, guitar work is quite sweet - take it for what it is worth, but, try to enjoy the ride.

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the original point of my post was really to show another example of someone claiming that their song was stolen when in fact there are many similarities and musical cliches that are unavoidable sometimes.

The dude that is complaining, does have a nice song and I think he's taking advantage of Coldplay's song to get some press for his own band, plain and simple.

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Guest Low Roller

I really hate the Coldplay/Radiohead simile. The bands are nothing alike other than being from the same nationality.

Now Muse/Radiohead or U2/Coldplay I can tolerate.

The new Coldplay album Viva La Vida does nothing for me so far. X&Y took a while to grow on me though, so I won't give up hope yet, but I'm also not rushed.

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