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Anybody going?? Looks like a fun time!


Rhythmfest III

Thursday, July 3 - Sunday, July 6

George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic


Mickey Hart Band with Steve Kimock and George Porter

Airto Moreira with Eyedentity

Wookie Foot


Roots A' Risin'

U Melt

Ekoostik Hookah's Dave Katz in Katz ~n~ Jammers

Chef Dave Band

David Gans



Tickets are online now.

Thurs-Sun $105 online, $110 at gate.

Friday arrivals $80 at gate only.

Saturday arrivals $45 at gate only.

Kids 4 and under free. Kids 5-12 are $10

Teenagers are $20

Fireworks Friday evening on the 4th!

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Chef Dave Band 3:30-5:15

Cornmeal 6-7:30

moe. 8-11:30 (2 sets)

Second stage- Early, EP3. Evening, U-Melt.

Late night- Hookah's Dave Katz & John Mullins

The Red Hot Trio! Late on beach-Ohio burn unit


Muruga's morning yoga clinic on beach 10am-11

Drum clinic with Giovanni & others, on beach 11am

Natural Breakdown 12:30-1:30

The Spikedrivers 1:45- 3:00

Roots A Risin 3:30-4:45

Airto Moreira, Flora & Identity 5:30-7:00

Giovanni Hidalgo solo 7:20-7:45

Mickey Hart Band 8-11:20 (2 sets)

Fireworks at Mickey's set break!

Allstar Drum Jam 11:20-midnight

Second stage- Early, Moser Woods.

Mid-day, The Ragbirds. Evening, The Macpodz

Late night- David Gans & Friends.

Latenight Bluegrass w/Gold Mine Pickers.

Early evening skydivers.

Late on beach-Ohio burn unit


Muruga's yoga on the beach 10am-11

Clowns, second stage 10am-noon

Muruga Booker/Badal roy Free Funk. noon-1:45

Eric's Screamin Peach 2:15-3:30

Dave Katz & Katz & Jammers 4-5:15

Wookiefoot 5:45-7:15

George & P-Funk 8-11:30

Second stage- Early, Aleph-1. mid-day,

Boogie Matrix Mechanism. Late, Waterband

Late night-bluegrass w/ The Fyin Jays & friends

Early evening skydivers.

During P-Funk break, BURNING MAN

Late on beach-Ohio burn unit


Starting 11:30-8pm side stage only-

Fireside Symphony


Audio Euphoria

Nate x Ten



The Boogie Hutlers


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Booche have you seen Wookiefoot ?

crazy bunch they are

I'm not a huge fan of their musical talents, but I completely respect their message.. It's hard not to have fun when they're playing because of the crowd! Their followers play an important roll in the show with their costumes and toys!


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We had so much fun at Rhythmfest this past weekend! It surely was a magical journey from the start, with lots of pleasant surprises and mysterious happenings!

We arrived there Thursday afternoon, after battling an intense rainstorm the whole way from Cincinnati where we stayed the night before. When we start setting up, the rain stopped and sun came out, and never saw a drop of rain for the rest of the weekend!

Cornmeal rocked it, and we had a blast stomping in the wet sand as we danced our asses off!

Moe sure rocked the fuck out! I'm not a huge moe fan, but I enjoyed the hell outta their 2 sets! They seemed to love it there, and it was super cool to see them in such an intimate setting.


Set I: Crab Eyes, The Road> Runaway Overlude> She, Jazz Wank> Happy Hour Hero1

Set II: Bring It Back Home> Water, September2, Bullet> Brent Black> Head

Encore: Okayalright

1 Johnny Neel on moog

2 Allie Kral on fiddle (Cornmeal)








Moe announced that Cornmeal was playing an unscheduled late-night set as well! Heady!

It was a beautiful day on Friday, and more of the circus rolled in! A couple getting married on the beach, some pleasant musical surprises, skydivers, and just fun in general!





That night was the Mickey Hart Band, and I was impressed! I didn’t know what to expect, but I had a helluva time during that show! They played Baj and my song (Eyes of the World), which was super cool to hear.. GREAT show!

Giovanni Hidalgo played a solo set before Mickey and also joined the band during their show.. This guy is good on those bongos!




What a perfect day on Saturday! So beautiful, and we hung out at the beach all day swimming and catchin’ some rays.. There was some trouble with the second stage, and it pushed the main stage acts back a bit, which worked fine with everyone. Wookiefoot rocked the stage, and a lot of people showed up to see all the freaks! It was a fun show, and everyone seemed to be gearing up for the Funk!

There was a master ballooner there who made a huge mothership with George Clinton’s head on top (all in balloons, it was NUTS!).. I wish we had our camera to take a picture, but I’m sure some will turn up in time.. The mothership got passed around the whole place and it was pretty sad that it was all popped and gone by the time P-Funk came out..

So I’ve always been pretty iffy on P-Funk shows, but the place was bumpin! They ended up playing one monster set, and it was a good time!

The festival was beautiful and friendly, and there’s no way I could have a bad time at the Ledges. The only thing that was missing was DSO, I’ve never been to the Ledges without a DSO fix, but the Mickey Hart Band gave me my Dead fix..

I can’t wait until Gratefulfest !!!

All of our pictures from Rhythmfest are here.

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We definitely hope to see you there, Kanada Kev!! And if not, there's always next year!!!

Hickster, it's only about a 4 1/2 hour drive from Toronto, which isn't bad when you're ending up in Paradise!!! You should definitely check out Gratefulfest, and you'll be hooked on the Ledges!

Just an absolutely magical place!

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i heard another great review of electric cornmeal today from someone who went to HSMF. gotta check them out!

Cornmeal is definitely worth checking out, both electric and acoustic! They usually play electric, but late-nights, they gather around 1 microphone and really go to town!

I found part of their late-night acoustic set on archive, here it is: http://www.archive.org/details/cornmeal2008-07-03.late.onstage.oktava.omni.flac

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