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Bluesfest has begun


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Yes there have been many specific subject oriented bluesfest threads. Bluesfest has begun now, though, and I for one am freaking thrilled to get at it. Taj Mahal is cranked way too loud on my stereo for my neighbours' comfort level (and they have pretty liberal comfort levels), pizza is in the oven and the cold beer is going down all smooth-like.

Yee-fuckin-ha people, the best bang for your money in town has begun for another year. Here's to eleven days of mayhem. Can I have an amen?

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I wasn't feeling it but WOW... Bluesfest is back.

Right off the bat I have to say that the biggest improvement is that you can now traverse between all stages without having to check-in / check-out, meaning you can bring your booze from stage to stage to stage to stage to stage!!

Yes! Five stages this year, the new one being the Roots stage, located over the hill from the Blacksheep. It's wicked with tons of centre viewing space, on a hill so you can see it all, with the Ottawa river in the background.

There is some sound bleed between stages though. For the most part it wasn't noticeable when the bands were playing at full volume but some subtle moments allowed another stage to come through.

Music-wise, we got there in time to see TV on the Radio's entire set. Decent music but not much stage presence. Then a little Blind Boys of Alabama. It was ok but wasn't really feeling it. Cassandra Wilson and her band were very good, the highlight of the night surprisingly. Would have like to have seen the rest of the set but we went over to catch the end of Taj Mahal. Not bad but pretty routine, pleasing blues. Finally caught the last half hour of the Hip who drew a massive crowd and played to them well.

A final note on lawnchairs. They were not an issue on the night, except when it was pitch dark and trying to navigate the Hip crowd I bumped into a few unfolded chairs not being used by their owners. What's the point of guarding space at that point? A very minor complaint though.

See y'all tomorrow for the 4th of July!!

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i had a great time at the Hip. didn't manage to see any of the other stages except the rogers stage. i think the setup seemed more organized this year as well...so far so good. almost tripped over several lawn chairs in the dark, but it wasn't too bad considering!

i thought a lot of the songs tonight were in their "medium rockin" category, it didn't feel like they really really let loose, or maybe just not as much as i remember. but it was really fun and a solid show.

incomplete setlist..

in view

my music at work

grace, too

lonely end of the rink

? it's a good life?

ahead by a century

pigeon camera


wheat kings - acoustic

phantom power

territorial pissposts



fully completely

family band

new orleans

e: ?

yer not the ocean

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Wasn't gift shop in there as well? Or did I hallucinate that?

Had a great time tonight. An old friend flew in from Winnipeg this evening and he had to line-up to get a ticket, so we arrived kind of late. Saw Taj Mahal for awhile and most of the Hip's show.

Usual first-night confusion, but bluesfest should be running like a well-oiled machine by tomorrow night.

Four day weekend coming up! See you there tomorrow.

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yee haw!

boy oh boy does it feel good, eh?!

caught a few matt mays tunes - rockin their faces off :cool:

was really digging the secret machines' sound! had never heard of them before, but would certainly pay to see them for a full show.

caught some of keb'mo - where the stage was packed and the sound from other stages was really interfering with his chiller sound.

then for some taj --- really glad to have seen him live, the bass player was doin some funky stuff with the 12 bars. they started off with really fun energy, but once they got about mid-set they tried playing some old favourites, and for me, that's when they lost the energy and my interest. picked it up some with queen bee and others i don't know the name of, (kickin instrumental with the banjo in the first encore!) but overall maybe a good to mediocre set.

got 8 hours of work to plough through, then on to Corb Lund! wooo! boy do i love ottawa this time of year :cool:

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According to


Thanks to mvyradio, you can hear many of the performances from the 15th edition of the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest - please enjoy!

mvyradio is capturing every day of the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest, with recorders and cameras in-hand. Not only will they be recording audio from all the stages, but they’ve partnered with a world-class video production company – Liverpool Court Studios – to tape video clips and interviews from a wide variety of artists.

As the music unfolds, content will be updated, so stay tuned and mark down July 3-13 with mvyradio.com and the Cisco Ottawa Bluefest as a “FUNKALICIOUS†place to be!

I clicked on the link, and was taking to


where they currently have a few things to listen, but only one performance, that of Back Door Slam.



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Hip Setlist

01: In View

02: My Music At Work

03: Grace, Too

04: The Lonely End Of The Rink

05: It’s A Good Life If You Don’t Weaken

06: Ahead By A Century

07: Gift Shop

08: Courage

09: Wheat Kings

10: Poets

11: Springtime In Vienna

12: Bobcaygeon

13: Fireworks

14: Fully Completely

15: Family Band

16: New Orleans Is Sinking


17: Yer Not The Ocean (with Bob Rock on guitar)

18: Queen Bitch (Bowie) (with Bob Rock on guitar)

i kinda like the new site, but that giant middle barricade in front of the Rogers stage is pretty poor - forces people to walk all the way around the end. But no issues last night so maybe it won't be an issue. Also, for the Roots Stage - why the fuck is there a giant Casino Tower blocking peoples' sightlines?

Thought the Hip were VERY rough sounding, definitely not the best I've seen them play. Gord's voice was pretty bad (to my ears anyways). Good setlist, sound was muddy where I was standing. Gord's stage antics were hilarious as usual - the hidden microphone bit being the funniest. How many towels did he go through? But, The Hip playing a greatest hits show outdoors in great weather in Ottawa - hard to go wrong with that.

Fiftymen were solid as usual, Jose Gonzalez was borrrrrring, and TV On The Radio were really cool. A few misses but once in a while some really cool songs. Liam from The Stills added some sax throughout the set.

$7.75 for poutine? Jesus.

Looking forward to tonight.

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Denis Armstrong strikes again

Wearing the same black suit and plaid shirt he's been sporting on this latest tour to promote their new record World Container, Downie was particularly delirious as he strutted and convulsed across the stage like a showstopping master of ceremonies during the opening tunes Yer Not the Ocean, My Music at Work, Grace Too and The Drop Off.
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had fun last night. wandered b/w Taj and the Hip. How many people does this place hold? There seemed to be a ton of people there last night. wonder what the Panic crowd will be like.

The sound for the main stage is really weird. It's really loud right by the delay speakers. But then you can walk past them (i.e. closer to the stage) and it gets quiet again. Sound is defintely better closer up, near the board.

The food selection looked awesome, but way too expensive.

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So what are people excited for tonight? Sonny Landreth (7:15pm, River Stage) should be a blast, and I'm interested in seeing what Dave Bidini Band (7:45pm, Black Sheep Stage) is like. If I stay until/path 9:30pm, I'd like to check out Feist (Bank of America Stage) and Allen Toussaint (Roots Stage), too, but I'll want to save energy for Saturday.



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A muddy sound mix does not bode well for the Six Headed Beast from Athens. Their live sound can be muddy in the best of places. Hopefully it was just the Hip's engineer who was having an off night.

Or it very well could have just been where I was standing, I think I was in a little depression, surrounded by drunk yelly frat boys, and right in line with the delay towers.

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I'm excited but torn about tonight. Having seen Sonny Landreth at least three times already, I'll go check out Corb; I was really impressed by his show at the Blacksheep in the fall. Should still be able to catch some of Dave Bidini as well.

But the conflict comes for the final act. Allen Toussaint is a hugely important figure in the history of New Orleans funk and r&b, while Orchestra Baobab is a killer west african band that will definitely put on an amazing show. I'll have to see a bit of both, I guess. Thankfully they are in the same field.

Feist schmeist.

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