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Acousticast w/ special guest Tyler


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This coming saturday sept. 6th the fatties will be doing an acoustic gig with their original keyboard player tyler gibson who is in town. These rare occasions are always a good time. Hope to see some of you out.

They're playing at the Thirsty Cactus in Dundas. They should be on around ten.

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Not sure how to edit the subject line,

Since you created the topic, you can change it pretty easily: in the block of buttons in the bottom-right corner of the first post in the topic, there's one labelled "Edit." Click on it, and you should be taken back to what looks like what you used to enter the original post. Make the changes you want (i.e., edit the subject), then press the "Submit Change" button. (I usually press the "Preview" button before submitting, just to make sure the changes were entered properly.)

but it should read Acousticats, not acousticast... but hey, close enough.

I was hoping it wasn't a typo, and that I'd able to watch the show over the intertoobz. :(



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Hey Julia,

Dundas is just outside of Hamilton (actually technically it is now a part of Hamilton)... If you know how to get to McMaster University, Dundas is basically down the hill from there (down Cootes Drive, which becomes King St. and the bar is on King)

That would be awesome if you guys made the trek.

Tonight folks!

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Ouch! Getting up at that time is par for the course for me, but I don't have much choice these days... And you certainly don't see me cleaning the shower at such an ungodly hour. I applaud your productivity! Maybe I need to rev up the coffee intake!

Anyways, this particular bar often shuts things down a little earlier than what we are used to (1:00am), so they should be on by ten or shortly thereafter... if that helps you make a decision one way or another.


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I just can't believe I now have longer hair than Willy!

Yes, I'm sad to admit you now have the trifecta of advantage on me: looks, brains, and now hair. :D I'm very jealous of your long thick hair!

And it's not just you that has longer hair than me now; it's pretty much EVERYONE. Save for Jean Luc Picard.

I thought the show was wonderful. Tyler has a beautiful feel for the keys and his solos fell onto the songs like an afternoon sun-shower. Well done as always. I wish I had recorded it.

It was also great to see everyone; it's been too long since I've been out.

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