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do yourself a favour and see THE BAD PLUS.

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holy shit.

I saw these guys a the Village Vanguard (which is the coolest little jazz club i've ever been in), and they blew my mind. It was more than just music, it was a learning experience. Unbelieve, totally fresh, technically revolutionary.

my trip to new york city was absoultley amazing, and these guys were a huge highlight.

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I went with TallPaull a couple years ago to Chicago to see Mr. Bill Frisell and one of the 3 shows the entire "Unspeakable Orchestra" was doing. It was a nice little birthday trip. The Bad Plus was opening and I had already heard "give" and certainly dug it...

The venue was amazing (I believe it was the Chicago Opera Theatre) and the sound was exceptional...

I won't say much more then I was underwelmed greatly by the Bad Plus...

But Bill and the Orchestra saved the day and played a phenominal 2hr+ set of music...

I haven't listened to the BP much since, but maybe time to give it another go...

Gawpo Giggles :D:D:D

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