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"Natural" alternative to Ecstacy?

Hal Johnson

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Why couldn't you go to work?

If you take extacy and go to work you're still at work.

As far as the 5-htp and melatonin, I would suggest against eating that many 5-htp, as the 5-htp promotes the creation of seratonin in your pituitary gland.

eat too many and your stomach won't like you.

But it's a decent semi-regular regimen, as it is a very important neurochemical.

Seratonin is the chemical your pineal gland produces when you sleep. might not be the best thing to eat at work...

You'd feel awesome but not necessarily high like Extacy is touted to.

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5-htp is a nutritional supplement available at nearly any drugstore or health food and vitamin store.

It is a seratonin prodrug - it promotes the creation of Seratonin in your Pituitary gland.

And if you're looking at supplents, check out emergen-c

Mineral ascorbates (vitamin c) and b vitamins that make a fizzy drink. I prefer it to gatorade.


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