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The sickness


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If you feel it coming on, I recommend 4 beers and 5 glasses of scotch tonight. Ask DaveyBoy. We perfected the potion back in the mid-90's.

Drink that shit away!

The key is to gargle with the scotch before downing it, particularly if it's one of those illnesses that starts in the throat.

The Vegas---> Shoreline run right before the hiatus proved that one for me– in a van/hotel rooms with 3 very sickies for about 12 days, the two of us using the gargle Glenlivet approach never got sick at all.

Booche and I could write a book... "The Boozers' Home Remedy Guide"

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Interesting, that might be what the doctored ordered, will it work in an ice-fishing hut?

I can confirm that it will work in an ice fishing hut as I was ice fishing last week on Lake Simcoe - although I substituted scotch for Wiser's Reserve (43%), beer and grain alcohol (XXX Rez special), but the result was the same. I was feeling a lot better within a hour, and it went rather well with a belly full of fresh perch. :thumbup:

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nope....it means exactly what he described above - if people around me are sick and I know there is little or no chance of escaping it I'll take one a day for a few days...and I don't get sick.

Or say I feel that first hint of "hmmm" could I be getting sick, but you're not sure, well same thing, take it for a few days and that first hint of a symptom doesn't ever amount to much or never was anything...eitherway I'm happy.

If I am already sick, I take it and gives me the energy as if I'm not sick while the sickness is still running its course.

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...and not in the good way either, LS

After a quick google search:

How is COLD-fX® different from other ginseng products?

3. How is COLD-fX different from other ginseng products? Most ginseng products on the market are Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng). COLD-fX is a highly purified extract derived from North American ginseng (Panax

quinquefolius) which has a very different chemical and biological profile than Asian ginseng. Because COLD-fX is comprised of specific active viral-targeted, immune-enhancing molecules, polysaccharides, it doesn't exhibit the other effects typically associated with ginseng products such as enhanced vitality, mental alertness and mood improvements. In addition, although COLD-fX is an extract of North American ginseng, its highly purified and precise chemical composition makes comparison with "ginseng" in general, inappropriate. Comparing COLD-fX with raw ginseng roots is like comparing acetylsalicylic acid (the active ingredient in Aspirin) with willow tree bark (the source material of acetylsalicylic acid)

Personally I think I'll stick to the Boozer's approach

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You old balls might be on to something. Feeling the sickness coming on Wednesday, I decided to try out your method. 6 tallboys, half bottle of gargled scotch and some fridget temp ice fishing seemed to suppress the sickness.

It may have been the vitamins/ginseng/echinecea tea i was ingesting also but we will never know exactly what it was.

Cheers men.

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