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Music DVD ideas???

Davey Boy 2.0

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There is a new Little Feat dvd that looks pretty sweet....


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I forgot this was out already. Same recording as the 'Rockpalast Live' DVD that was released in 2000, but this has the 30 extra minute soundcheck and audio upgrade instead of the 'Cold, Cold, Cold' bonus track from Pink Pop fest 76, plus it's a Feat release. Also, recorded only a week previous to the seven nights used to make 'Waiting For Columbus', so you know the band was tight and rockin.

Thanks for the reminder NW.

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There is a new Little Feat dvd that looks pretty sweet....

Yum! This is gonna rock.

As a bonus there is the 30 minute sound check from the afternoon of July 23, 1977, a real diamond in the rough with its seven tracks, including "Rock And Roll Doctor" which, unfortunately, didn't make it into the recording of the show. These tracks, known only to a few insiders, have been pulled from the holy grail of the Rockpalast to be enjoyed by all like a fine, rare wine.

30 minutes of bonus material might not sound like very much, but 30 minutes is a long time for a sound check. Cameras are everywhere, giving the viewer the feeling of being right there on stage with the band for the first Rockpalast night. It is obvious that the TV crew is testing their limits and that Little Feat themselves are having a great time.

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Dispatch: Zimbabwe documents this unprecedented three-night benefit event reuniting members of Dispatch for a weekend around a cause. The music world was rocked when Dispatch became the first independent band to sell-out the legendary arena (three nights no-less)! More importantly, they proved the healing power of music as the band and fans collectively raised funds and awareness for poverty stricken Zimbabwe. Now available on Blu-ray Disc, fans who made it to the concerts (and those who didn't) can experience the magic in the highest quality available! Over 2 Hours of Concert Footage! Directed and Photographed by World-Renowned Photographer Danny Clinch. Shot in Beautiful High Definition. Bonus Material Includes: 30 Minute Documentary on Zimbabwe, Outtakes, and Interviews.

Awesome show.....

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