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I guess if I actually did entire tours, it might get old, but I'm happy seeing one on every run of shows I hit.

Right, and I think people sometimes forget that in general Phish has never sought to play shows that pander to people who do entire tours, at least not in terms of song selection. Sure they mix things up from night to night, but it always bugs me when folks bitch about seeing too many of a particular song too much when they've done an entire tour. You've just seen the band 20 times in one month, brah, if you don't want repeats you're going to have to cut back.

(Not that I'm saying that you fall into that category, jaybone).

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this summer, while going to the 4 shows at red rocks, a neighbor asked me,

"so you're going to see the same band four nights in a row?"

I had to explain to him that, for the most part, the setlists are different, unlike the majority of touring bands that just play the same setlist every night in a different city. so, hearing one song a few too many times should be a forgivable faux pau (sp?)

PS. i'm drunk and this post has required a lot of puctuational editing... sorry if I've missed any flubs

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