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Levon Helm...and others on Bravo this Thurs.


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"Innovators in Music"

World Premiere on Bravo! Canada, January 14, 2010

This documentary series profiles six dynamic musicians from a variety of genres, backgrounds and disciplines and explores how the creative impulse extends beyond music making and into other realms of artistic pursuit. This episode features legendary singer and drummer from The Band, Levon Helm. Since surviving cancer of the vocal chords, he has been hosting The Midnight Ramble Sessions, an evening of music at a home studio in Woodstock, New York.


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If you want to hear Levon sing then I suggest waiting a few months....he lost his voice again and has to perform vigorous vocal training to get it back. Lately at the ramble's he has only been singing a little bit of backup but he has been singing 'Tennessee Jed' in full recently. That being said....seeing him at a ramble is quite a privilage in itself!!

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