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I love this board!


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haha I wasnt on any happy pills!

I was just saying most message boards are full of a-holes... I hate "newbie" talk and shit on phish boards... I actually met ppl from this board (mark tonin, velvet, shain *I think) and you all seem to be a great guys...

-> good non-idiot:idiot ratio

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I must agree Daniel, I think this board is a great thing. I'm most likely the person on the board who posts the least,considering how long I've been a member,But that dosen't keep me from

logging in everyday just to see how things are with all the stupids out there.

If you're one of the lucky stupid ones out there or even if you wish you were...

I LOVE YOU ALL [big Grin]

Because you are all my children [Confused]

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The ratio sways for or against the idiots depending on such things as:


discussions of Nero

the power of self-described "indie hipsters"

Tonyrage's occasional ability to read

Whether Alphabet City a.k.a The Come Together

Festival will be brought back

Glad you enjoy it here Daniel, I'd suggest that if you want to make it even funner you should start taking sides on some of these issues and watch the shithawks circle!

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