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Games of Thrones

Jay Funk Dawg

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I've been watching/reading too and I'm hooked. The only thing is, I can't help but wonder how maniacal the writer must be. I guess any fantasy writer for that matter. I picture his room resembling that of Russel Crowe's character in "A Beautiful Mind". Seriously though, how the crap could anyone keep track of such a world? I'm amazed.

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Apparently there will be some subtle changes to the HBO story coming up. (According to something I read a while ago exactly what, I dunno.)

But after reading the books, I'd like to see how some of the scenes will be put on screen.

Beyond the Wall in season two should be (hopefully) breathtaking.

And, can't wait for Season 3 and the "Red Wedding"

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bouche Said:

what I don't understand about this phenomenon of watching GoT and then reading the books, which I hear alot about, is the fact that you know what is coming up. basically spoilers in the show would ruin the story...no?

Well, there weren't a lot of surprises in the first book, granted, but much more detail and color. You get to go inside the heads of the various main characters and learn a lot about how they think. It's how I came to root for Tyrion.

The next four books, all 1000 pages or more, will be years in the making before they become a television series. And there is always the possibility that the TV show will end up being cancelled/delayed indefinitely due to cost overruns, like Carnivale & Mad Men.

I didn't want to wait to get my next fix.

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