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A Heads Tale now on youtube


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I was at Greg's house a few days prior to the films release, and got to watch it then. We partied it up - hit a blues bar I believe and drank our share, and early the next day, all hung-over and still sorta enjoying the final stages of some fungus, Greg had an interview with a local Saint John reporter regarding his film. It was pretty hilarious. Considering the topic of the film, we all kind of got asked some questions when the journo found out some of us had traveled from Ontario on our way to a NYE show in Charlottetown. Good times.

Some where on one of my shelved HDDs is my review of the film, and our antics that week that I wrote for Jamhub/Uncle Funguy. It wasn't all that good though, and I retired from writing reviews altogether not longer after..lol

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9 hours ago, Northern Wish said:

I was also present at a screening at Greg's house but it was earlier in the fall. I believe that NYE show in Charlottetown was JSB / GTB? Dec 31 2002? If so I was there too!

Also I'm pretty sure the journalist was my girlfriend at the time, Nina Chiarelli.

Great to see this again! Those were the daze....

Yep. JSB/GTB 2002. You were at the same hotel as us, think it was the first time we officially met. Believe we talked about St. Catherines, mutual friends and even my relatives there. (Strange that's the stuff I remember)

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