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Five Disc Rotation - summertime edition


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Woo-hoo! It's back. Five disc rotation time again. To be honest, I'd have to go with one-disc rotation in and out of my car stereo with all the travellin I've been doin

For those of you new here, choose 5 heavy rotation discs that haven't seemed to leave your CD player in the last month or so

Without further adieus or don'ts...

1. The Last Waltz Box Set - The Band and the known musical universe at that time -Okay, so already I'm cheating but come on. Finally got my hands on this puppy and it was worth the weight....haha

2. DJ Shadow - Private Press - It's not Endtroducing but the best driving music going these days

3. Dick's Picks 4 - Hearing the Mason's Children on Tuesday got to pull this one out - Good summer time memories

4. Jack Johnson - Bonneroo Set - Some people hate him - I love him

5. Trey Anastasio BAND - Bonneroo Sets - This band has definitely left our solar system

I just picked up the new Sonic Youth today and imagine it will soon become a fast favourite.

Current book recommendation : Lost Girls by Andrew Pyper - a coke-snorting T.O. lawyer defends an english teacher for the murder of two missing girls - takes place in cottage country northern Ont - really strong first effort

Movie of the week: Orange County - Jack Black is the man

That's it. Filler up!

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I love these threads.........

Here they are:

1. Jack Johnson- Brushfire Fairytales. Especially for the summer! How anyone could hate this music is beyond me.

2. Live Phish #11- Denver, CO 11.17.97. Do yourself a favor and listen to this one LOUD! Wow, Phish at its best? I have been leaning towards this one for a while now.

3. Vida Blue- 4.23.02. Oh my god this is funky!

4. Bob Dylan- Love and Theft. Just doing my homework for the 8.9.02 Saint John show.

5. Elton John- 11.28.74. Killer setlist of old school EJ. He is still coked up so it rocks hard. And Mr. J Lennon makes his final public apperance on LSDiamonds, Whatever Gets You Through the Night.

As for books go out and read "We Want Some Too"- a look at popular culture in this topsy turvy world.

Movie of the month goes to the Royal Tenenbaums. Not your average hilarious comedy, but very witty. "I don't want to get all Cats in the Cradle on you....."

Evolve anyone?


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If anyone wants a MINT 5 disc SONY carousel for 150$,lemme know...no remote. 2 years old,my dad's,never used. Anyway,

1-Homegrown Music Comp. #1(this is my favorite CD ever.period.

2-Comotion,VAN. 10-08-00...great Kang,no Nershi!! [smile]

3-Little Feat,5-5-75,Bahston,phenomenal FM/SBD...alll the hits.

4-Phil,Darien Lake 10th-02...EYES!!!...well,you know...

5-Particle,12-27-01,trying REAL hard to get them into me...no luck.


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1- Dick's Picks #8

2- SCI - Bonnaroo set

3- The Acid Test compilation

4- Billy Bragg/Wilco - Mermaid Avenue

5- Strokin' The Grits Volume I (another fine Tungsten mix)


Half Alseep in Frog Pijama's by Tom Robbins

Tom Robbins is a genius, if you haven't read anything by him RUN out and pick up a copy of Another Roadside Attraction to get your started.


The Last Waltz

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Looks like I am slow on the uptake!

You already have the 10th Puddles?

Good job..........

1 - Radiohead - The Bends (Sally got it for her b-day)

2 - GNR - Lies (Sally got that for her bday as well, and apparently, chicks dig it!)

3 - The Grateful Dead - Reckoning (Cant believe that hasnt been busted out for as long as it hadnt)

4 - Trey - 5-15-99 - Albany, wow.

5 - The Band - The Last Waltz DVD (No need to make a comment here [Wink] )

Have to include this one, but it isnt from what my 'regular' cd playing would be right now:

6 - Addison Groove Project - I am writing a review, should be ready Tuesday. Interesting album and I cant wait to see them.


I just started HST - The Proud Highway, havent read enough to really state anything.


Gotta go with Waking Life..........

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jack johnson - brushfire fairytales

stevie wonder - original musiquarium

smashing pumpkins - siamese dream (just put this on this afternoon for the first time in 3 or 4 years - really good album!)

nero - is it morning (so good for chillin' on the back deck)

eric clapton - unplugged

trey band - the album

i guess that's six...

sean northern wish: might be making it our east for evolve. only if i can get the time off and am not in korea. i'll keep you posted.


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I buy at least 1 to 2 cds a week and own 500, so heavy rotation is not an option for me. I like too much stuff. However, these 5 cds never leave my cd players for very long:

1. " Marquee Moon ": Television. I've given this album to many people as gifts, including Booche. Televison was/is CBGB's most underrated and influential New Wave/Proto-Punk band.

2. " Pink Moon ": Nick Drake. A great summer cd from this deceased genius. I think the title track is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

3. " Aenima ": Tool. These boys are dark and heavy to the core. Pink Floyd meets Sabbath.

4. " Sweet Tea ": Buddy Guy. Ask Booche about this one. Buddy's best work and one of the deepest and heaviest blues albums recorded in the last 20 years.

5. " The White Stripes ": The White Stripes. Drums, guitar and vocals - that's all they need. I just bought this cd last week. It's great. A link between punk and Muddy Waters. Inspiring stuff.

I do think Trey's new solo album is THE summer album for 2002 - as was Farmhouse in 2000.

A book recommendation would be Tony Fletcher's great biography of the great... and crazy Keith Moon - Moon: The Life and Death of A Rock & Roll Legend. This is how a biography is supposed to be written. You learn about the man, his society and the history that influenced his life. I learned a lot about the 60s and 70s while being truly entertained and frightened by Moon's self-abusive antics and music genius.

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Who could I contact (jamhub?) to spread the Phil Darien show?? Its a crispy recording,the DPAs were spread 20 feet apart in hats. Missing openers though. My brother is bringin over the Toronto Phil over tomorrow; DON'T F---N' tell but he plugged his D-8 into the "hearing impaired" inputs & voila a SBD!! It is a different sounding board though,you guys with these kind of recordings know what I mean. Sanctuarians only!!!!!!!!!.......and let me back into BABYLON for Christ's sake [smile] ...I am not putting this show on my list. HUSH-HUSH [Mad]

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Hey hey, this is always a fun thread! Haven't bought many discs lately (I seem to go in waves) but here's what's been polluting the air space around our place lately:

The New Deal - 9.22.00 Hamilton Set II SBD

XTC - Apple Venus Vol I

Parliament - Tear The Roof Off (Best of)

Wilco - Yankee Foxtrot Hotel (I keep going back to it!)

Trey Band - 5.26.02 Mountain Aire Festival

I also broke out Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" lately. It's so beautiful, it's spooky!

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ahhh yes, love these threads!! Always read about good tunes, movies and books on here. You folks rock!


Jack Johnson : Brushfire Fairytales. Just really easy listening music! I just recently got a whole slew of live Jack shows...drop me a line if you dig...http://db.etree.org/forbin40

Govt Mule: Off the Deep End Vol 1. I crave this disk.

Phil and buddies: Bonnaroo set. Cool set cause Warren isn't playing. Not saying I don't like Warren, just a different sounding set b/c of his absence.

Scofield: Uberjam. Yep, this is a good'n.

Primus: Seas of Cheese. Havn't busted this out for a long time. I gotta find a copy of Frizzle Fry one of these days...thats my fav Primus disk for sure..

some good movies ive seen lately:

The Man Who Wasn't there

FUBAR (some pretty funny shit)

Orange County

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some sweet picks....Sean T. floated me a copy of the Jack Johnson album for my girlfriend but it's become popular in my car lately....

got a 6 pack CD actually, an old pioneer that thinks disc 5 is disc 2 and disc 6 isn't actually there. So 5 picks it is...

1. Dhizan and Kamien - Freaks and Icons

Intergalactic electroglobal dancefunk extravaganza. Along the lines of Kruder/Dorfmeister, St. Germain, Thievery Corporation

2. Rae and Christian - Another Late Night

Way more than DJ's these guys manipulate tunes on the fly and in the studio to make this marathon meltdown of beats....some rap and bleeps and blips but pretty solid...much like Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz series.

3. Beck 97-09-05 Sony Studios

Beck fuggin rocks it out on this live studio show-tons of hits and a sneak peak at 'Debra' 2 years before it made it on an album...

4. Ween - Live in Toronto Canada

Christ is this awesome...released by Ween themselves it's the Shit Creek boys running at full tilt on the country album tour. You can actually hear them get progressively drunker...

5. Macdonald and Giles - S/T

Early King Crimson collaborators create an elegantly produced(think floyd or trippy crimson/beatles) journey with epic tunes and funky breakdowns.


also, some goodies in the works, got about a week left to finish up Strokin the Grits 3 and a new acidjazz/st. germain style mix, I also SHN'ed up a mix called 'Cops and Softcore' -italian/ german/spanish police movies and softcore film soundtracks-surprisingly funky and refreshingly wacky.

love these lists!

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so many choices....I'm like Jaimoe...too many CD's for heavy rotation

The Word - have you heard how fucking SICK this is?

Tegan and Sara - This Business of Art

Beck - Midnite Vultures

Trey Anastasio - studio album

Foo Fighters - There is Nothing Left To Lose...

i don't like these lists, too much shit to leave out..

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(I'm waiting on a copy of jack johnson- i like what i hear)

Tungsten, I'd love a copy of that Ween in Toronto show.. lets talk favours. sexual, favours.

what i'm listenin to..

moe. May 2002, Cajun Riverboat Jazzfest.

(unbelievable).. hi light.. that chuck tune>brent black>seat of my pants.. yum. thanks p and t.

mmw Austin TX, 1996. w/trey.. good lord!! not so much for trey, but the boys were hot that night. not as free form as their shows are now, more segues into the tunes on their records. but fuckin hot. thanks p and t.

ween. chocolate and cheese. I was all about the white pepper, now I'm all about this.

thats six discs. so ill stop.

most recent movie i saw was sexy beast. dug it.

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Discs on heavy rotation....

1 & 2. The Live Dave Matthews Album (2 discs). I forget the title, but I love both discs in this set. A couple of good Jams, and some great versions of his old tunes.

3. Radiohead - the Bends. My favourite Radiohead album. Amazing songwriting, and some great singing make this one if my favourite albums.

4. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong. My favourite Jazz album of all time. There was a lot of fun positive energy going on in that room when they recorded these songs, and that showed in the recordings.

5. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the moon. 'nuff said.

Favourite Book....

Dean Koontz - Intensity. Very gripping and, well... intense. Only 2 or 3 characters in the whole story, and you are kept gluded to the pages.

Favourite movie...

This is hard. I think my favourite movie to watch over and over again is "the Princess Bride". However, I suppose have to put "Spinal Tap" on this site. [Wink]


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Originally posted by Phred:

Discs on heavy rotation....

1 & 2. The Live Dave Matthews Album (2 discs). I forget the title, but I
both discs in this set. A couple of good Jams, and some great versions of his old tunes.

Is it "Listener Supported" by any chance? I've got that one, and it's not bad; the opening stuff is pretty good, it's got a nice "All Along The Watchtower" on it, and flows pretty well end-to-end.



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here's mine:

1. Cake - Fashion Nugget

2. Ben Harper - Will to Live

3. Tool - Opiate

4. Floyd - Wish You Were Here

5. The Hip - In Violet Light

...no Phish/Dead/nero/jamband'esque selections as I'm yet to truly step into the whole deal...

Recommended read: the Dune Chronicles... pretty messy, but well worth the epic

Recommended movie pic: Memento; anything with the words "Star Wars"; or "Apocalypse Now"

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Seems I'm listening to a lot of demo's and promo CD's these days.... here are some of my favs...

1. Slow Nerver Action - The Soap of Beautifull Women...... From Vancouver appearing at the Cafe Dekcuf Sept 7 opening for Downtime..... these guys are pornfunk... hilarious songs... all about knocking boots

2. Drums & Tuba - Vinyl Killer.... Finaly starting to enjoy the latest D&T studio effort... Appearing Sept 20 @ Babylon

3. Spacious Couch - Tonal Vision.... From Vancouver appearing at the Cafe Dekcuf Sept 28 w/ Ferriswheeler. These guys have that heavy funk/jazz sound that I love... they are going to blow the windows out of the Cafe

4. Smokestack - Its Coming Down..... From Ann Arbor, Michigan..... Holly crap kids... you can't wait to see these guys, they will kick your ass all over.. that is a doubleB guarantee. Appearing Oct 10 @ Cafe Dekcuf... Toronto dates in the works as well. http://www.smokestack.org/listen.asp

go get some!!!!

5. Grey Boy All-Stars.... Can't remeber the date but it is a 1996 show... wish I was paying attention in 96... this show is an enima to listen to, couldn't imagine seeing it live

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originally posted by: bradm

Is it "Listener Supported" by any chance? I've got that one, and it's not bad; the opening stuff is pretty good, it's got a nice "All Along The Watchtower" on it, and flows pretty well end-to-end.

Yeah, that's the one. Good stuff. I also like his version of "Long Black Veil". Pretty haunting.

Anyone see his Ottawa show with Bela Fleck? Was really good. The Flecktones were jamming really fierce.

Dave played too much of his new stuff though. I have a hard time liking anything since "don't drink the water".

"Under the Table" and "Crash" are great albums... 2 of my favourites.


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Currently, I would say:

1. Del McCoury Band - 06-13-97. This is bluegrass done properly. I now see why Trey loves this guy. There's even a Beauty Of My Dreams on this that is killer.

2. Phish - 10-07-89 Disc 1. Really good old show from Maine. Nice versions of a lot of sweet songs.

3. Trey Solo - 05-08-99 Disc 1. Trey acoustic disc, worth it just to hear Trey play Billy Breathes on the piano.

4. Burt Neilson Band - 05-18-02 Disc 1. Great set from the first CTMF of this year. Maybe it's beacuse I was there, but I think these guys are still great 5 years after seeing them for the first time.

5. Trey Anastasio Band - 06-23-02 Disc 4. The Bonnaroo encore disc, with Trey ranting about the scene (no wonder people said he was on E), acoustic Wilson and Bathtub Gin, and a nice Alive Again at the end. Great show, now, if they would only come to Toronto...

You could throw on some New Deal as well if there was room, Isaw these guys in Toronto recently and they blew me away. Anyways, great thread. Jay

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Trey Anastasio Band 6/16/02 Darien Lake - The Mister Completely blows me away! Still have it on SHN if anyone wants it.. Unfortunately, contains a few long and terrible sounding flaws.

SCI 4/16/00 Guvernment, Toronto - Finally got a copy of this! (My first String Cheese show). Has a great Round The Wheel > So What > Round The Wheel, and a hilarious Johnny Cash.

Bullfrog - Self Titled - I've been lovin' this album since seeing them open up for MMW. Good funky album to throw on when having people over.

The Herbaliser Band - Session One - Another awesome and blatantly funky album. Throroughly recommended.

Just A Pinner - mix by Tungsten - Nicely mixed, featuring a number of Ninja Tuners and some other artists who are brand new to me.


Still reading Cannery Row by John Steinbeck. I haven't had too much time to read books this Summer unfortunately (plus I'm a slow reader I guess!).


Still gotta go with Waking Life too! What beats Waking Life? Hmm?

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