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Question of the Day 11-27-02


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This one's a two parter.

1. What was your first show?

2. What was your favorite show?

(For the purposes of this question "show" does not necessarily have to mean a big venue or expensive ticket.)

My first show was at a country fair in bum-f*ck Ontario. I saw several country artists and when Dolly Parton came onto the stage I thought I was going to die with excitement. I was about 5 years old.

Favorite show is DAMN tough to answer. I have a few actually (as I am sure you all do as well).

MMW at the Congress Centre was incredible for me because it was intimate, and the sound is so good I could even hear Billy M breath (and of course he breath's rhythmically). Equally as good was when they played with Scofield at the Montreal Jazz festival. That night was a party. MMW is one of my favorite live acts. They are so inivative and unique, very entertaining and almost like a lesson or workshop in music everytime I see them.

Oh man speaking of that Jazz festival...Remember Shakti with John MacLaughlin BLEW MY MIND!!! It was a specticle and so different from anything I had ever experienced that I will remember it forever (thanks to the Sloth for ensuring that we knew about it).

Five more shows just popped in my head so I had better stop now.

Have fun with your memories. Please share.

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1. Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble, Couldn't Stand The Weather tour, March '85. I had 8th row floors at Massey Hall, and had my head blown clear off.

2. I have no idea...I'd like to think that life's just one big show, with individual concerts being sets within it...my favourite sets would include Phish at the Congress Centre, Jeff Beck at Massey Hall last year, D&T with GTB at Babylon, GTB at CTMF in May, Nero's Eve back in March...and on and on...ask me again after Hampton. [big Grin]



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Guest Low Roller

I was just thinking of a QOTD when I noticed your's Ms.H. I think mine compliments your two parter quite nicely too.

First off, my first show was a Tulipalooza at Major's Hill Park (1993? 1994?). There were four acts, but I only remember three: Blinker the Star (meh), Furnace Face (cool), Punchbuggy (I still listen to that tape! Canadian indie punk-rock!! Wooooo!!!!)

I can't decide on one favorite show, so here is a quick list:

- Radiohead, Congress Centre, Ottawa, 1997

- Tea Party, Congress Centre, Ottawa, 1997

- Catherine Wheel, Foufounes Électriques, Montréal, 1997/1998?

- TOOL, Molson Centre, Montréal, 2001

- Judge Jules, Club Sona, Montréal, 2002

And the third part that I want to add:

What show do you regret missing?

My answers:

- Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Corel Centre, 1998

- Primus, Congress Centre, 1998

- Pink Floyd, 1994

- and I've yet to see this Phish band that a bunch of people seem to like over here [smile]

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1st Show: Hmm, if memory serves me correctly, Trooper, Memorial Stadium, St. John's NF sometime in the late 70s.

Favorite Show: Clifford Ball

Show I'm pissed I missed: I try not to dwell on the negative, but if I had to say, it would probably be 11/2/98, you know the one [smile]

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I have no idea anymore. Whatever their name was, in Kingston 1984ish. I think it was a Canadian band though. After that, I saw a number of concerts in a year there, Corey Hart, Gowan, whomever else.....

Best - 03-22-90 (for soooo many reasons. Heck, I was terrified!)


A few, but I am Cyprissed.........

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Ok..here goes...

1st show: Neil Sedaka - live at Ontario Place...a loooonnng time ago. Went with my parents. Rotating stage, it was cool. Neil is the man. Women were screaming at him like it was a Beatles show. Best "Calendar Girl" EVER.

Fav. show: Probably Page & Plant 03/27/95 Skydome, in the peak of my mandatory highschool Zeppelin phase. Went with a bunch of close friends expecting the acoustic/Indian treatment of the tunes, and they come out 5 piece electric, no extra musicians, and proceed to rip through:

Immigrant Song > The Wanton Song, Bring It On Home, Celebration Day, Thank You, Dancing Days.....

Tears were pouring down my face during the Thank You. Absolutely and totally mindblowing.

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First Show:

Janet Jackson at the Skydome with openers Tony Toni Tone!

Fav. Shows:

Phish 11/25/98 Albany The Knick - the encore alone was worth the drive.

Allman Brothers Band 07/30/00 Toronto Molson Amphitheatre - with Hot Tuna opening and all of Gov't Mule jamming with the Brothers.

MMW 07/01/01 GOTV Red Hook, NY - Canada Day with Logic, Scofield, Hornsby and Buddy Miles

And I can't believe I missed The Mule a few weeks ago in Syracuse, NY

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1st show TRIUMPH 1984 (Thunder 7 tour) with huge pyro show at Maple Leaf Gardens - I held my hand up showing the 'sign of the devil' for most of it.

Fav show - difficult question. Either the Dead at Pine Knob 1991 - where I lost my keys in the lot somewhere, and miraculously found them minutes before the show began or Phish at the Concert Hall, TDot (92', think) - the intimate setting and the unbelievable electricity were unforgettable.

Q3 - I have no regrets.

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First show (I think): Pink Floyd @ Exhibition Stadium, Toronto - Summer 1987

(Actually, the first pseudo concert I attended was by a Pink Floyd cover band called Clearlight at Highland Secondary School Gym in Dundas - I think I was in Grade 6. Strangely, they encored with Aqualung!)

Best show: Phish @ Big Cypress, FL 12/30-31/99 (I consider it all one long show - the best weekend of my life!)

and, if I may add, Most Influential (and therefore one of the best) Show: Grateful Dead 3/22/90 Copps (life has not been the same since)

a runner-up for best show I've seen: Dave Matthews Band 5-11-96 (don't laugh, this was a seriously great concert, I was very surprised) - also have very pleasant memories of JGB at Buffalo War Memorial in 1993, another winner!

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Weezy, I believe that the Pine Knob shows in 91 had the Sloth sitting in the front, by himself on a lawn chair, since his seats got screwed up somehow (ask him).

Those are two SMOKIN shows, I used to listen to the tapes all the time, and I have been looking for the cd's for a while.........

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First Show: Big Wreck in Sarnia, ON circa '96

Fav. Show: WSP @ Bonnaroo 06/21/2002. When they brought out Randall Bramlett and the DD brass band I lost it. Don't think I've ever danced harder. I had a nice area around me in which to grooooove. it was my first panic show, but i'd listened to them quite a bit beforehand, so it was great to finally see them live.

Worst Missed Opportunity: This coming weekend, when I'll be missing TOO in detroit...a show for which I had floor seats...cause I've got to put in emergency overtime...at the government. Imagine that - fucking emergency overtime at the gov't. Well at least the tickets aren't going to waste. thanks Dave-O and Jay

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Oh weezy you beat me to the punch. Great choice though.

Cant really remember my first show - my brothers took me to see The BoomTown Rats when i was really young. That may have been the first big one. Definately the first one that stands out.

Favorite show is a tie between The 1st night of Pine Knob 91 (but both nights were fucking great- Howler and Rossolee were also at these shows) and Phish NYE99->00 (It felt like the culmunation of all my concert experiences).

That whole fold out chair thing at Pine Knob 1st night resulted in the fact that the facility had to remove four chairs for the Dead's equipment. It turned out the chairs they removed were our bomb ass 5th row seats. Anyway me and my 3 friends were all crushed and thought we had to sit on the lawn but suddenly the security brings out folding chairs and folds out 2 rows of 2 right in front of everyone else. It was really surreal freaking out and dancing in front of everyone else but by 2nd set it had kind of filled in around us and it felt more comfortable. I think Phil may have laughed at me because of the sorry state i was in during space.

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First Show

Saga @ Hamilton Place with Bryan Adams opening... they were very proud of their brand new, 'one of a kind' electric drums... so proud the drummer had sticks that shot lasers... ah, the 80s... Bryan was quite soft spoken and talented in his unknownness...

Best Show

July 4, Buffalo 89

best crowd I've hung out amognst... 30,000 dancin drummin in the lot night before the show... showday over 100,000 all kind and smilin... In The Dark a new release and the MTV crowd hadn't quite caught up yet... still mostly the word of mouth collective...

overwhelmed by the recommended woodstock it took me about a half hour to cross the last parking lot and into see Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs standing 15 ft tall with 18 ft arms singing very nicely... friendly soul reassured me it was costume... security didn't care at all so hopped the boards and floated into the smilies at the front...

First Set... HUGE Bertha... Touch of Grey tease start... 90 thou shakin it from the go... ended with the biggest Deal I've ever heard... air vibrating...

Second Set... Touch o Grey explodes... 90 thou singin/leapin... darkness decends and things get a little crazy... best I heard the band... top of the game... U.S. Blues encore for july 4... stompin not fade rhythym with bare feet on benches all around the stadium... ecstatic primates...

post parking lot - independence day... state troopers send in helicopters to explain the show has ended and we should... then you can't hear them because dancing heads are shooting sky rockets straight up so the copters have to fly so high they're inaudible... troopers throw in the towel... drumin/dancin til dawn...


second set, so hot from dance, salvation light rain begins to fall... stars in the sky... no rain machines... gods smiling [smile]

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1st - Either Alice Cooper w/ Great White @ Kingston Memorial Centre


Motley Crue w/ Tesla @ Montreal Forum

(I'll have to check the stubs when I get home)

Bang yer head!!

Fav's - It's a toss up...

Rush, Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, 5/7/94

Phish, MSG, NYC, 12/28/98

Pink Floyd, CNE, Toronto, 7/6/94

Good thread!

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My first show was James Taylor in Central Park in, I think, 1976. I was about seven and my mom took me along with a bunch of her friends. The two things I really remember were a couple of hippies sitting next to us offering my mom their joint which is very funny if you know my mom. The other being JT played that song "Whenever I see your smiling face, I have to smile myself because I love you..." or whatever it's called. My first real rock concert was the Dead in New Haven CT. apr 1984 when I was 15 and that's when the fun really started! The most incredible, emotional, beautiful, and I dare say, spiritual show was once again the Dead. Brendan Byrne 10/16/89. As far as shows missed I'd have to say anything by either Frank Zappa or the Ramones. By the way, I agree with Dr hux about Andre being the mandolin player who inspires us all. Peace out

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oh geez... first ever was probably this small concert at the congress center... carol baker, i believe, along with a couple other semi famous canadian country performers... i really don't remember well; i was probably 7 and just there for the mcdonalds afterwards...

best show ever is too hard to name- mmw @ the NAC comes to mind but it was so prestigious in a way that the surreality of the whole experience overshadowed it a bit and sorta distracted me... bob dylan was damn fine this past summer, but i can't truely give it the top rating...

i find the best shows are always the ones where you know the folks playing and there's room to move... most of them take place in my basement, actually... or in seedy little ottawa clubs

VERY disapointed i never experienced live dead. it's a damn good thing for cover bands ;-) ...but other than that i try not to remember the lost opportunities. i have a hard enough time remembering the decent ones...

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