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I am celebrating this weekend!!!!


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what line of work are you in?

I am a stripper for the blind. Sure I don't look to hot... but man do I feel good...

Actually, I work for a software company that specializes in solutions for warehousing/inventory systems with radio frequency devices...(a lot more boring sounding than the stripper thing). I am now the "Product Manager"... I get authority over people now that I used to work for.. haa haa haaa haaaaa cough (evil laugh).

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I ate paan leaves while in europe at a hostel in Brussels I wasn't sure on the ingredants other then the sugar sprinkled on it.Was sorta tasty,well,probally was just the sugar on it.The guy who was sharing his food with us was a hilarious,almost insane I think (good insane) indian who (admittedly) claimed to have the worst indian accent when he spoke english (LOL)...good guy,bad food.

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