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The Sadies... worth seeing?

Guest Low Roller

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Jeez, did you really need to ask? Absolutely!

Greg Keelor is touring with them this fall (in Canada at least). Apparently it's going to be one set of the Sadies and one set of Keelor backed by the Sadies.

November 1 at Barrymore's in Ottawa. All the shows up until Ottawa are also getting Andre Ethier on the bill, he is the former guitar / singer from the Deadly Snakes. He'll be promoting his excellent first album and decent second album.

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The Sadies will, without a doubt, stand out as one of my live music highlights of my time in Hamilton, and I've seen a few shows here. I had heard their name for years, and had caught the last two songs of an outdoor set from them when I was a younger teenager, but not until I saw them in a club and up close did I understand how awesome they were. Just go...and be prepared for verb-dripping surf, rockabilly, two-step high-lonesome cowboy country & western, jangly Byrds-esque folk rock, veering into early psychedelia, and everything in between.

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