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Congrats SmoothedShredder!!


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Aww shucks... thanks! Star's just aligned in my favour (I think).

I guess, it would help others to know what's up...

After spending the winter up until now torturing myself living on a decommissioned radar base outside Sudbury with my now ex-girlfriend, I have decided to leave this meteor impact site and move closer to Ottawa. Barry's Bay to be precise... about 2 hours West of Ottawa off of the 60 Hwy which goes through Algonquin park.

Here's a shot of the home that I bought today (atleast in principle depending on inspection)


It's a nice little lot with lots of features, and a tonne of work to do... but nothing too over the top. I can't wait to get there and start to put my stamp on it! Goal is to flip it for some Baby Boomer, or some Ottawa mogul ready to get some nice Cottage property (Small sandy beach only a 2 minute bike ride away)

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Hey guys, just checking in...

So far this place is better than imagined. The people up here are so nice. I think it's because there's such a relaxed attitude out here.

I like to smile and say hi when I pass people on the street, and in Barry's Bay I'm usually the one returning the gesture instead of initiating it. The scenery is outstanding... the roads are like a giant go-kart track (which will probably be trouble come winter)...

I've finally got all my stuff here and it's taking forever to set it up... there's also a million things to do around the house... but the work is very fulfilling.

There's even some live music up here too! Tuesday night Blues jams and the Wilno Tavern, A Song Writers circle the last Thursday of the Month at the Red Canoe... and occasional bands work their way through here. Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo was here not to long ago, and the Great Lakes Swimmers played somewhere around here too.

Just wanted to check in and say hi... and if anyone is looking to come out and check out all these wicked fall colours, and looking for some crash space for a night or two... let me know!

Hope everything is going well with all you's... I don't have internet at my house (which is actually kind of liberating)... so I'll be checking in every week or so at the town library.

Peace out!

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