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QOTD: What song(s) should Phish 3.0 NOT Bring Back?

balogna pogna

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I'd take 3 Jennifer Dancessess over Esther. It's my least favourite Phish song. Though Fikus is a close contender.

I've actually always had a soft spot for Fikus too, seriously. When it comes to cool, eerie fucked up basslines, it doesn't get much better! Ah well, to each his own, but I'm right. ;)

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Fikus - weird, awesome tune, love mike's vocals and bassline, never seen it live though

Guyute - still awesome, i could deal with a few more

Velvet Sea - Coventry gave it a renewed life, ironically

BBFCFM - never seen one I don't think.

Waste - agreed, no more waste

Josie Wales - beautiful song, doesn't work well in big ampitheatre settings

Dirt - see Josie Wales

Swept Away>Steep - love it!

Bug - like it! Live though, not sure. Honestly it has nothing on Oh Sweet Nothing

Prince Caspian - agreed, it could be shelved happily

Meatstick - Good in that Page gets to shine in the intro.

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