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Ghost Town Prom Night!!!

Large Marge

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Come one, come all...



[color:red]Frontier Formal

Saturday, May 16th (exact times will come once we have the detailed line-up)

[color:brown]It’s Prom Night in Ghost Town!

  • Walk the Ghost Town Promenade In your finest Frontier Formal wear
    10 finalists will be nominated for King and Queen of Ghost Town
    Final voting will be by applause in the Saloon
    PRIZES will be a-plenty!

Free Saturday afternoon Corsage-making workshop!

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[color:brown][color:blue]IMPORTANT UPDATE: Ghost Town Prom King and Queen will be crowned at Midnight on Saturday (May 16), followed by a ceremonial slow dance to be performed by none other than the recent Relix magazine sensation, Diesel Dog!

Don't forget to bring your cameras. We will also be building a Frontier Formal decorative archway for timeless portraits with your friends. Capture your prom night forever!


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large...did you get my pm. we don't start until 1 15ish am.

So does this mean you're participating neugroove?

I'm sure Marge would have a nice dress you could wear.

OR...I also know where you can get white disco pants, and a wicked disco shirt - lemme know! Seems like proper Prom attire to me. Pretty sure it'll fit too.

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I think he's trying to say that you can't crown the king and queen at midnight unless it's to a different band (thought that was pretty obvious ;) )

Sorry Schwa., the joke went way over your head. Ricky and Marge might get it though. In the future I'll try to keep my jokes restricted to ones that you'll get...can't make any promises though. ;)

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