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Phish question?

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I don't get why deadheads are all hung up on phish's soul. They don't play "soul" music. They're musical comics - playing FUC&ING well and styley - but its not serious music.

Frankly, I'd rather see Billy Connelly any day before bothering to see Olivier on stage. But, I guess a better analogy to phish/dead would be Robin Williams vs. Peter Fonda


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Just for the record - all I meant is I get why phish is not for me anymore - and its the soul thing. They're great at what they do.

Glad to be part of a good ripping though.

(and also for the record - the $100 for the dead shows was worth every penny.)

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To each his own! Go see the Dead if thats your thing...but for people who did Phish, they are playing there ass off now. Way better than 2.0.

Camden blew my mind and I just listened to Knoxville. That show is the energy from the get go.

Sorry if your getting to old for a rock show!!!

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It completely slipped my mind that I saw two friends seperately offering up their extras at great woods. It was like tossing a steak to a pack of starving wolves. Not an easy ticket.

Jones Beach #3 was more of a huddle in the rain lot scene, so I don't know about that, but I do remember seeing people wandering through the rain with their fingers in the air.

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