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my first 'txt from last night'

Tungsten Gruvsten

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tooo funny - random txt comes in from a 705 area code(barrie) - don't know anyone up there but this could have been any one of my friends:

705-so i was on the oshawa pier. sat under the lighthouse looking at the water packing my bowl. then a big wind blows my baggie off my lap right into the waves. i then spend 20 minutes cursing and watching it float away. i am a Douche bag.

519-that sucks. Dave?


519- ?who?

705-whos this


705-eric who? why do you have my number :S

519-you txted me about losing your pot in oshawa.

705-lmfao nah i didn't.

519-sure you did. on the pier.

705-kay, bye. lmfao

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