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Weir Drunk in Puerto Rico


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Didn't see this posted here yet.From a post on a Phish MSG board I frequent....

"This was all about two weeks before the Cap incident...

Apparently, my old coworker was vacationing with his family in Puerto Rico. On their way home in the San Juan airport, their flight was delayed due to a big storm. He said that there was one guy at the airport, an older gent with a guitar, who made a huge stink about the delay. Made such a scene that the others who were waiting around for flight news cheered the woman at the desk when she dismissed the old guy for being obnoxious. The guy stormed off and went to the airport Margaritaville where he downed ten tequila shots in an hour and had to literally be carried out by the bartenders to his gate. The flight was ultimately delayed till the next morning and my coworker thought that it was funny when he saw the guy at baggage claim (see the photo).


A few days ago, my coworker felt like listening to some Dead online and all that he could find on youtube was some Furthur and he instantly recognized the guy as Bob Weir. My coworker didn't recognize Bob in the airport because he hasn't seen him ever since he decided to grow ridiculous facial hair.

Anyway, the teller of the story has no incentive to lie and wasn't being mean hearted about the Dead, because he could care less about them. He just thought that it was a funny situation from his perspective-- to have a guy be super obnoxious to the Delta staff, drink himself into oblivion in an hour at Margaritaville, last see him being carried to the gate, and then seeing him the next morning hurting so bad that he's nearly passed out on the luggage return-- sad for Bobby, but kind of funny at the same time.

Anyway... it's a true story. The only other detail that I have is that my friend said that after they carried him to the gate, they realized that he hand't settled up and someone had to go back and get his credit card to run it for the bill. "

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I didn't believe it until I saw that picture' date=' which to me totally looks like Weir.[/quote']

That picture could be anybody with grey hair and a beard. It could be Weir but that photo wouldn't convince me of it.

Yeah, hard to get a definitive ID on a photo where someone's face is completely covered.

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I think the pic looks like Bobby.

Could be that the story is real. Could be that someone looked at that pic, thought it looked like Bobby and concocted the story around the pic. Could be that the story is legit but it wasn't Bobby, but the pic does look believably like Bobby so they made it a Bobby story just for the helluvit.

Either way who cares.

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Yeah, and there is clearly a very deep and dark backstory in that photo.

I believe the story and find it to be funny (ok, a little sad)...and sure, the picture looks like Bob...

But you never know. I had my own little case of airport-photo-from-behind-mistaken-identity. See below.


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