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  1. With special guest Jon Billings! Do not miss this! http://www.twostonethrow.com/ Streaming at 10PM
  2. Lots going on in the MSH world! Just about to release our BRAND NEW Album "Live and Local", that's right local, recorded at The Local in Toronto on Dec 6th, 2008. So yes it has been a long time coming! CD Release Party! Sat April 3rd 2010 Vapor Central (667 Younge St. Just south of Bloor) 10 PM Albums will be available at shows and online via our newly finished site! www.MustStashHat.com We will also be featured in the June 2010 Relix sampler, Get yours! Hope to see you all at the shows......... Happy Holidays!
  3. i saw metalwood last time they played at the rex, some heavy cats that's forsure! saw chris tarry group also last time he was here, some good new jazz on almost certainly dreaming. check it out, nice guy also. man he grooves hard!
  4. Surprised no one mentioned this at all but couldn't help but be sooo curious! Touring new album........ THE RESIDENTS' TALKING LIGHT http://residents.com/ "What are ghosts" ask The Residents - spirits of those no longer inhabiting the flesh, but unable to leave their lives behind? Or could ghosts be a manifestation of something even less tangible, like loneliness, unfulfilled desire or isolation? In a world where nearly everything has become defined and categorized, how do we fill our obvious, purely human need for the fuzzy , vague and supernatural - with TV commercials? The ghost of a morbidly obese woman haunts her lesbian lover, filling the void of death with food commercials and Dr. Phil. A man becomes obsessed by the spirit of an executed serial killer who stuffed the mouths of his victims with Pudding Roll Ups, an extinct kid's food from the 1980's. A dead boa constrictor named Leonard (after Leonard Cohen, of course) plagues the mind of its former owner, currently consuming Oscar Meyer hot dogs by the dozen. These are just a few of the "ghost stories" told through the magic of The Residents' Talking Light.
  5. thanks cully, seems to me to be the best show of the tour! Last time they play weigh was in Miami! Still hoping I can make it out there again this year......
  6. Any of you out there looking for cool new experiences with some cool cats? Get to Two Stone Stone Throw's "Launch Pad" Check out how great the sound was, all live! http://www.twostonethrow.com/launchpad.php
  7. richbass

    Phish - Albany

    this is getting closer and very exciting!!!
  8. sucked that I could not make it BUT they didn't play Wife Soup so i'm not too upset........
  9. Come on now! Bring your party favors and come see a band quickly on the rise!
  10. SO seriously how long until we get to win a game!?
  11. I have a friend, drummer who may be interested, is this place still available?
  12. Could not get any tickets so we had to go to ol' ebay and got floors for Sat in Albany and $120 a ticket, that's good for ebay I guess.......?
  13. who is his band now? Is buckethead still in the band?
  14. I wish I got one of those! I usually get the finger or the shoulder shrug with the hands waving........Bah!
  15. Ahh may be too late didn't realize the Toronto show was on my bday, anyone have any extras?
  16. Hmmm I wonder what Tom Waits is doing in town.....Maybe some sort of show.......
  17. Brace yourselves! Adrian Belew Power Trio @ Rockpalast! An hr of gold!
  18. This is always a grrrrreat time! Weekend Getaway!
  19. You heard me tonight at the mod club! Some of you maybe know him from Zappa, Talking heads and King Crimson just to name a few.... He has this brother and sister Eric and Julie Slick as his rhythm section, awesome young players!
  20. Yea agreed! Two Weeks! Any schedule updates?
  21. May 29th - The Break Down @ El Mocambo for Film Jam! Help us win the final round, giving us a chance to win a $10,000 music video! http://www.myspace.com/thebreakdownband
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