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Cheesecake is coming!


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On behalf of Fuggit Promotions, I'd like to announce that the new sensation Cheesecake may be making an appearance at an HMV near you. Check your local HMV store for details.


Well, that's what it would say if these guys learned to sing something. Anyway, I made a little promo poster for Cheesecake. As luck would have it, H made one as well. It was pure coincidence too! I ain't lyin'.


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Looks like the TizzardHeads have written a tune....

i lurk...but then i smirk and must reply. I try to be sly, but usually i'm high and on the special occasions i'll have been into the rye.

oh my...an exclamiation and a proclamation of what has been and what is to come, all taken in while sitting on my bum, and feeling less glum.

In a town far away from great friends, In sight there's no end to what could become magic, but I fear as our ends grow numb, we'll aspire to burn green one (and GM's bum)

and leave in search of weed.

Whom knows who could oppose...foes? that blows. None could oppose with blows as strong as those.

From a fright to a sight, this place has might!

If only the jerks weren't jerks

and spunked when they should have lurked......

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HAHAHAHAHA, Bouche that is so fucking amazing. I was just gonna email you and ask for the picture (for our press kit) but you've went above and beyond (thanks as well h - I like the street hardened look - both pictures will be used in the upcoming webpage)

Now as far as you're concerned GMonkey, We are gonna remember your naysaying and obvious jealousy. The day is gonna come when "CheeseCake" (registered trademark) is gonna be ruling charts (and I mean soon) and you'll be begging for a backstage pass and we'll just laugh and send the goons after you smile.gif" border="0 .

Now if you make nice we'll let you open for us when we play the sold out Corel Centre.

Long live boy bands and the magic that they create and a special hello to all the ladies.


PS As far as missing members go, we'll work that shit out with digital editing.

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I think that 'pose' can even offer a glimpse into their personalities....

St. Steve looks like the leader

Chris looks like the 'wild one'

Jordan's gotta be the tall sociopath

Big Dave's the guy with the sitar and the stash

Little Dave is the drunken version of the little kid from Hanson

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I have a couple of questions about CheeseCake:

- Who's the Svengali-like behind-the-scenes producer/promoter/manager (you know, like the guy who put Menudo and NKOTB together)?

- Have the nameless session musicians been lined up? If not, give me a call; I'd love to be a part of the backup band.

- Who's going to write the tell-all book, to come out after the first couple of drug/sex scandals?



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All right, I'm intrigued ...... who the heck is Cheesecake and how was the band created!!! I recognize that dude on the right but can't place the other band members, or their members for that matter (no do I have any desire to see the members of the members). Sorry if I should know who the rest of the guys are - either I've never seen them but I should have by now, or I saw them through a haze, or the brain cell that stores their image is malfunctioning, or they look different than they do now.

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Here is the deal....

One day while returning to Ottawa from Toronto... 4 very clever individuals were stuck in a car for 4 hours together.... burnt out and overdosed on the D... the scene was set for one of the greatest brainstorming sessions of all time.

As The Sloth prepared the brainstorm smoke, the dialog began.... I can't remember who or when.... and I sure as hell can't remember why.. but what resulted was a union more powerful that the G12...... a coalition of brains, brawn and pure unharnessed egotism.... a boy band for the rest of us...

We have the talent... we have the vision.... we have the passion... all we needed was a name.... it is all about the ladies... so what do the ladies love?

CHEESECAKE was born on January 25, 2002 on the 401 somewhere near Kingston..... with 3 founding original members.

As the smoke cleared from my car, I realized that something very special had just happened, I realized that my life had been forever changed my destiny had finally become clear... the early car jams were nothing short of lightning in a bottle .... soon we will unleash it upon you all.... so I guess I am here issue all you people a warning... resistance is futile!!!

The ranks were filled out to ensure that the classical sauce of personality types were accounted for and to ensure a steady amount of infighting and drama.... at last count there were 6 or 7 members... I can't be sure because no one fucking tells me anything... I wouldn't be surprised if I were to arrive for rehearsal and find that we had become a 12 piece... fuckers!!

Ladies submit to the overwhelming power of CHEESECAKE!!

As a special treat to the ladies... CHEESECAKE will be performing a very special ladies only show at Frontier Town in May..... Invite only.... the screening process is under way.... send your applications to my attention... pics are recommended

Already rumours abound about when the first public CHEESECAKE show will be... This will be an event that dwarfs the Superbowl in media coverage... an event so heavily anticipated that even the nay sayer will be sure to drop $69.69 for the Pay Per View special.

If this scare you just wait and see what happens on our Galactic trip next week.... stay tuned

We are on the edge of the new world order.... CHEESECAKE!!!!!!

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didn't you watch any "Making the Band" ??

the only number of members for a 'boy band' is 5 - 5 piece harmony - not 4 (god forbid you only have 4) and not 6 or 7, unless you take turns singing sconf.gif -- i mean really, dont you know anything about boy bands? 6 or 7 i'm sooo sure.... wink.gif" border="0 (j/k ofcourse)

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Cheese Cake will be a testament to the evolution of the boy band. Molds will be broken as will some hearts and minds. The nay sayers doubts shall be quelled by the sound of a voracious media frenzy. As with most bands of this strain (eg: Brittney, Spice Girls, N'sync, BSB, Westlife etc.) You will hear about them long before you ever hear them. Cheese Cake is a mutated strain however that will surely set them apart from their rivals. The fact that there was a poster created not even 13 hours after the inception of the band is proof of the sheer power of this union.

Everyone likes Cheese Cake .....


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Okay, you guys are absolutely right about the vocal arrangements with regards to a 7 member band.

Rest assured that when you lay down your $95US (not including ticketmaster) for a nose bleed seat at one of our shows you will see a 5 piece (hopefully). We need those two extra members just to guarantee 5 guys will actually show up. Between rehab, jail, infighting and an array of side projects its just hard to get all 7 of together as one.

Now I hear what you are saying "But what if my fav member of CheeseCake doesnt show?".

Worry not, I promise you that any member will more than captivate you and you will go home knowing you've just seen the greatest show on Earth.

Bradm, just answering a few of your questions ....

-the sleezey promoter role will be filled by DoubleB (hes already well on his way smile.gif" border="0 ), Yeah i know he in the band as well but hes the best we got

-once record companies have ceased their bidding, and we've worked out some studio time you are welcome to slave away for us - all the coffee and donuts you can handle

-Ive approached Tom Clancy, Stephen King, JK Rowling, John Grisham, and Tom Robbins concerning a ghost writer for my book. Im currently waiting for a response. As far as other band members are concerned - they better get cracking on their own books cuz they arent gonna like what i have to say in mine.

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