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Live Jamband Radio - CKCU FM 93.1

Freak By Night

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Tune into Carleton University's radio station,

CKCU-FM, 93.1 on your dial, this

coming Monday night, December 16th,

from 8-10 for a special program on the

Ottawa Jamband Scene.

I'll be your host. "Bouche" and "Dr. Hux" will

join me in the studio for lively night of great

music and some insight into our incredible local

scene! Not to mention some great prizes for


People outside of the Ottawa area can listen

via our RealAudio service, provided by Magma

Communications. Just go to this link:

CKCU-FM Live Audio

With your enthusiastic support,

we can make this a regular show


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Great work FBN!! It was too bad Mike's voice wasn't all there. II managed to catch an awesome GTB track from CTMF, as well as my favorite Burt Neilson song, the name of which escapes me. Nice work!! Everyone should email the station and ask them to keep the show! Geoff, your radio voice made me quiver with pleasure.


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The show was alot of fun. Thank you so much FBM, for bringing this killer music out to your audience.

The Huxies duet was beautiful. All of the music that was submitted was killer, and what wasn't played will get played the next time.

Thanks to Booche, Tungsten Gruvsten, Blane, Dave-O, Mark Tonin for getting us music, and of course nero, Grand Theft Bus, Addison Groove Project, Phish, The Fat Cats, Jerry Garcia and friends, Days of You, Ferriswheeler, Dr. Huxtable, Diesel Dog, Hiway Freeker for actually playing it! Sorry some of it was on a bum CD. Although it plays fine in my car [Wink]

BTW Blane, that One Step Beyond stuff is INCREDIBLE!

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Hey! Thanks to everybody for listening,

and thanks for the comments!

I hope you had as much fun listening

as I did hosting the show in the

studio with Bouch and Dr. & Mx. Hux!

It was a blast.

Sorry I could not make it to the Dekcuf tonight.

I'm having some cash flow problems

and I gotta save for my trip to Hampton.

Happy Holidaze everyone and we'll do

more jamband radio in the new year!

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